Houston's Cordua Family

If any of you have felt - as I have - that your first love and you have grown apart, and you no longer even KNOW that person, well, you are not crazy.

I am actually relieved to hear it wasn’t Cordua and Son that watered down the product so terribly, and that the actual talent will reemerge with a new concept, hopefully soon. What a special place this was for my whole family when it was at its best. RIP Churrasco’s et al. The memories are fond, but I’m following the Corduas.

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“My dad is like a mad scientist in the kitchen,” he explained. “He’ll go in there and be obsessed by a single ingredient or a taste and he’ll work on it and work on it and work on it until it’s perfect. I like taking the results of what he’s done and figuring out where they fit on a menu, or what kind of application it has.”

I was truly worthwhile to read the whole article to find this gem. Fair winds and following seas to Father and Son.

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Indeed. These folks are Houston treasures and distant relatives have made a grave mistake.