Houston storm food

Don’t look now kids but there’s a something something out in the Gulf.

My sources and I believe it will be a depression tomorrow, Thursday and all bets are off after that.

A heads up to beat the general panic buying soon to occur.

My sources are myself of course with three major hurricanes and scores of lesser storms under my belt.

I also use NOAA Houston and the National Hurricane Center forecast discussions. It helps to be a weather geek to translate parts into English.

It could be something or nothing, nobody knows.


Why not? It’s 2020, how dam much worse can it get? I heard the Houston/Galveston metro area will get a bye this year on hurricanes in view of Covid, coupled with abject humiliation by a certain local baseball team. Although I’m not a huge sportage fan so haven’t missed them and maybe abject is too strong. For hurricanes though, I typically fill the bathtub (Though I don’t know why, I’ve never had contaminated/no water in 45 years), put a penny in the freezer on some type of ice, buy batteries and flashlights, gas up my car, (if only to charge the phone and grab some blessed a/c) and have plenty of liquid courage on hand.


Well I guess I’ll go stay with Jaymes in Shiner.

IF all those rivers betwixt here and there aren’t too swole up.


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The Wifeacita and her sister panicked and freaked out before Hurricane Rita and evacuated to Wied. It took them so long to get there they stayed over two years until we got married.

Rita was awesome. To my knowledge only three people were left in Houston, myself, my best friend and an Asian lady that owned a liquor store in the Heights. We sure were glad she stayed. Food? I think we ate some but don’t remember for obvious reasons.

Oh, the TV people were here doing their civic duty showing the same downed tree limb over and over but they don’t count as real people. :dizzy_face:


I’m offended by how offended some are, especially the crybaby Dodgers and Yankees. Cheating is as old as the game.

The season starts tomorrow and we’ll be glued to the to the tube, como siempre.

We might even celebrate with chips and salsa on Opening Day.

A lot. My sources tell me this storm will be, not could be the first Category 6 or 7 storm in history with a 50 foot storm surge that will reach all 48 miles to Houston and put us out of our misery.

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NOW you’ve done it! We’re doomed!!!