Houston Restaurant Weeks - August 2018 - HRW

Here we are again Dudes and Dudettes! It’s HRW again. We haven’t, as a group, posted much about these weeks, which last year extended into September if I recall. Specifically the meals are typically less than yelpable, but some few dollars do go the the food bank.

Today was a special lunch out for a birthday girl and the BG’s favorite place is B&B Butchers, so off we went. Said BG always wants to sit upstairs in the bright room with a view, and this was no exception.

The two course lunch was $20 and included some of the favs of all 5 of us, so I think we all ordered it.

I had the wedge salad, and since I saw one go by earlier with scant dressing, asked for extra blue cheese dressing. The salad came with tons of dressing and more on the side. :grin: Blue cheese dressing with more blue cheese sprinkled on top and little cubes of their signature bacon, it was awesome. One of the best I’ve had. I have a friend who is constantly in search of the perfect wedge, and I must remember to tell him about this.

I then had the salmon on baby kale and mushrooms topped by beurre blanc. Swing and a miss! The waiter asked if I wanted it medium and I said medium rare to rare. It came obviously overcooked and dry to a well done. And not near enough buerre blanc to cure it. Don’t trust me, see the pic yourself below.

We finished with an extra-menu cheesecake (+$5) which was outstanding, light and refreshing and not at all filling.

We also started with bacon apps (regular and lamb) and the rather outstanding Carpetbagger oyster appetizer.

Boys howdy, I don’t think I can eat until Wednesday. But I have jury duty tomorrow, so no hope of food there. :rage:




Oh, yes, and there was a pearl in that oyster:


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That fish looks like it was left out in the sun. Leaving fish out in the sun can lead to salmonella.

I’m not send back food guy but I’d be tempted especially since it was requested medium rare to rare.

What’s up with that rather outstanding oyster? The menu has no description. Inquiring minds want to know.

It’s a slab of bacon, topped with a fried oyster and blue cheese, drzzled with blue cheese dressing and Louisiana hot sauce.

Anybody participate in HRW this month?

I got one in - brunch at Ciro’s: $25, Caesar salad, shrimp omelet and gelato. Most menus I’ve seen have been on the boring side but that’s irrelevant actually because I can’t eat 2 or 3 courses.

HRW ends tomorrow.