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We’ve been to Merida many times, last time was cochinita pibil. Love the chips and both salsas, get extra onion and cilantro.


Back in the mid-70s, my folks favorite Navigation joint was also Merida. We went there a few times , but they greatly preferred Las Cazuelas on Fulton and we ate there more often.

Actually our go to was the real Ninfa’s on Navigation. My Mom discovered it through a client when there was only the front room. I started going when they made the raucous back room. The downtown lunch bunch discovered it. Three martini lunch, make it a three Ninfarita lunch back when they were destructive, pretty sure no work was done after that.

A buddy of mine and I would hit east end restaurants on weekend nights and our two mainstays were Los Molcajetes on Wayside and El Jardin for food and mariachis. It was Mexican-American families and two white guys.

I think we did Las Cazuelas twice and regret not going back for more.