Houston HOdown, Summer o' 16

It seems there’s interest in this.

Mein has been mentioned, and would be a great choice IMO.

I believe Polonia has also been mentioned. I’ve had some great food at Polonia but it’s pretty heavy fare. I’d prefer some place with lighter options in this sweltering heat, like, lots of salads to choose from!

I’ll throw out the new location of Local Foods, San Felipe at Fountainview. The lunch menu is small, admittedly, if we’re talking lunch. This location has free parking in a covered garage, a big advantage over the other locations in very high traffic areas where parking can be a hassle.

Tis’ the season for nominations. Any others?

I would be into meeting up at Mein.

I agree Polonia is probably a better fit a little further into football season.

Local Foods doesn’t look that appealing to me, to be honest. The link is for their Main Menu so you can decide for yourselves. It’s a scant mile or so from my office.

Dish Society is in the same building, (mainly an apartment block), and I haven’t been able to talk myself into going there either.

When I get to looking over the menus and considering what I would order, I just talk myself into something else. [shrug]

I’m good with Mein. I’ve been to the Kirby Local Foods and though it was good, it was hectic and had uncomfortable seating that I had to fight for like musical chairs. I’m too fuddy duddy for it I guess, at least that location.

What is Mein like inside? Is it small? Maybe we could reserve a table.

I would aslo throw out Himalaya. It’s a great place to share dishes and the food is terrific.

Most days are free in the next few weeks except for late next week.

Mein is large enough. I didn’t count but I’d guestimate at least 4 times the capacity of Himalaya, plus they take reservations which Himalaya doesn’t. That might be a problem for us. Otherwise, Himalaya is an excellent recommendation.

Okay. Scratch Local Foods. My mind is thinking more in terms of my seniors group.

I want to try some of the noodle dishes at Mein.

I’m back. Will definitely plan to attend any HO-downs.

Glad you’re back Jaymes.

My apologies to all for hi-jacking this project. I got a little over-enthusiastic on my first day back after several weeks time off and I know some of you had already been talking about this and I shouldn’t have taken it over.

I have to admit I have not been able to sustain that enthusiasm so if anyone else wants to go ahead and take this over, please do. Jaymes, you’re good at making these things happen.:slight_smile:

I will say however that I wouldn’t mind in the slightest if this were postponed until the weather cools off.

Just let us know when and where.

(Welcome back. Any great stories to tell?)

Ok. I also want to try some of the noodle dishes at Mein. Can’t get into town for a couple of weeks, though. Really busy out here with grandkids until after school gets going. Shall we start shooting for early Sept? Any particular days good/not good for anyone?

Sat or Sun for me. I can try during the week, but there’s always a good chance I’ll hafta bail at the last minute.

But don’t let that stop you guys.

Sept sounds good, also weekends so Doobs doesn’t bail!

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[quote=“Lambowner, post:10, topic:5822, full:true”]
Sept sounds good, also weekends so Doobs doesn’t bail!

Sat & Sun definitely work best for me, too. Anybody already have plans for first couple of weekends in Sept that we should avoid?

Oh, and ps - the place looks great: http://www.eatmein.com/

Looks fine for me!

Fine by me.

The Longhorns play night games both weekends, so looks fine to me.

But I’m going to try to get to Yaal Tiffins before then.

I am headed to Polonia this week to meet friends from out of town who requested Polonia. I have stuck with the sausage/sauerkraut on a Polish comal so far, with sides of the pierogi and once a salad that was meticulously decorated. Love that sausage dish.

What do you like there? I may try to branch out this time.

Should we try to nail down a date? Lunch I assume? September is rapidly filling up. Saturday the 17 is not workable now.

I looked at some photos on Yelp, the dining room looks great. Love the murals.

As noted earlier, either of the first two weekends in September work for me.

Saturday lunch is my personal pref, but I’m semi flexible, (for an old man!).

I like a lunch outing too. Since Sept 3 is Labor Day weekend, shall we shoot for September 10? Any conflicts there? We can move this to private message for further conversation.

September 10 works for me. I forgot how to start a private conversation!!!

Sorry I haven’t been here much lately. Three dining engagements fell through last week. I went to Brazosport but couldn’t find anything worth trying. I was going out of town Thursday to check a new bbq place I’d heard of but checked their Facebook page that morning and learned they were closed for a vacation. Then Friday evening I was supposed to meet with others at Down House but a couple of people backed out at the last minute and the organizer decided to scratch it. I thought Friday evening was a bad choice in the first place but was going to try the Houston Dairymaids board, the Panzanella and their ginger beer.

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