HOUSTON - DOTM Nominating Thread Dec 2015

Whatcha got?

BruceSW! You’re slacking!

What are we eating this month? It’s the fourth and I’m getting hungry!


I nominate… Pasta Dishes.

Italian. Asian. Seafood.

Just a nomination though… What’s yours?

Let’s eat!

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burgers, oysters, soups (generally), curry - nominations

What the hell is this? Anybody who wants to start a DOTM is welcome to do so, as it always has been. AFAIC, the DOTM is dead, died a couple of months ago. I don’t think we have enough people participating to make it work, but help yourself.

I thought eveybody wanted to do a get-together of the month where everybody gathers at one restaurant and eats whatever they want off the menu.

Well, I thought it was great fun.

And we did have at least enough for one table each time we tried it.

I’m not ready just yet to drag it to the window for one last look at the heather.

Maybe we can start up again in Jan, after the holiday rush?

DW - I like all of your suggestions. Also have been thinking about fish tacos and wondering if there are any in Houston as good as the ones I’ve had on the streets of Guadalajara.

Surely you know I had my tongue firmly planted in my cheek. Right?

I think it’s a lot easier to coordinate a DOTM than a physical meet up. I felt the get-togethers were an offshoot of the DOTMs, not a replacement.

If I offended you, I respectfully apologize. It was not my intent.

I just had one suggestion : Pasta dishes.

The rest were just examples of the vast variety.

Oh. Well, in that case, Nevermind.

I guess I read that wrong.

I would like to see the DOTM continued but thought everyone else had lost interest in favor of get-togethers. Certainly they’re easier to coordinate.

I am very interested in Asian noodle dishes, particularly cold ones which I discovered a few sweltering summers back. This isn’t the right time of year for them, though.

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So are we going to do this again???

Oh wait, maybe the better question is - Is there anybody still here??? It’s been dead. I know I’ve been so busy with special holiday meals and get-togethers I haven’t been doing anything but grabbing familiar stuff to go. I know Lambowner has been here a few times.

But to the question at hand. I’d very much like to do a Dim Sum get-together. That would have to be a get-together, of course. Who do we have with some experience who could lead us - Doobie, Jaymes?

As to a DOTM, biryani is a suggestion we’ve bounced around a couple of times.

I’d very much like to do a Dim Sum get-together also! Just tell me when and where in January! I would really enjoy a China Town outing with someone familiar with the area, namely Doobs? I think? Anyway, I’m here and ready!

I love dim sum and my son and I have been going for it for the past twenty years or so.

For years we went to Ocean Palace and loved it. Still do if the truth must be told.

But about five years ago or so, we dropped into Fung’s Kitchen and it was just so much better. As I said at the time, the stuff that was supposed to be crispy was crispier, sweet was sweeter, etc. etc. etc.

Anyway, I’m way overdue for some dim sum, so I’d love to go however I’m no expert on either dim sum, nor “China Town”. I’ve been to dozens of places over there but have barely scratched the surface.

Let me throw one more idea out there and see if she bites: DimSumGirl and DimSumDude are supposed to be back in Houston in February for a wedding and maybe they would like to join us. Obviously, she’s not going to be that familiar with Houston’s CT, but she mentioned they had a great meal at Golden Palace, (which I have been to), and I suspect she would be a great guide to the various dishes.

In any case, I’ll try to be there. Weekends are the best from about 11am to about 2pm.

Ohohohohohoh - I’ve got ants in my pants, don’t know if I can wait!

Oh okay. If I have to. Sounds like a good idea but we need to find out when she’s going to be here so we can see if those of us who want to go will be available (or will have time to reschedule anything else already on the schedule). Also, whether she’ll have time to do the honors.

Fung’s sounds good to me.

I’m really looking forward to this.

Ok, I say pasta, since Doobie has mentioned it twice, that’s the majority vote! Ha! Now, lets include all the iterations, pho, thai, Italian, Chinese, etc. I need a focus this month. I shall start the thread. Happy 2016!!

EDIT to add some suggestions I love:

tagliatelle a la bolognese at Giacomo Cibo e Vino - half order available, just wonderful

gnocchi di funghi at Giacomo Cibo e Vino - sublime

House made pastas at Mascalzone

Pho at Pho Saigon, various locations

Szechuan Spicy Peanut Sauce Dumplings on the hot appetizer menu at the venerable Shanghai River on Kirby, it’s why we go there. Ask for extra spice. Go once and the owner will remember you for ever.

Cold noodles at Doozo’s Dumplings and Noodles in Houston Center on McKinney - not available everyday.

Any pasta at Dolce Vida

Interested to add to this list from your experiences!

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