Houston Crawfish HO-Down

If it’s March, it’s crawfish! We had a HO down in Houston today, photos below.

Half shells and some catfish pieces back there in the back.

Crawfish ettouffe

Crawfish bisque


Nice pics! So who dusted off the most bugs?

Well it was not @NotDoobieWah. That’s a double negative, you see. :wink:

Definitely NOT NotDoobieWah.

She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named and I split but a mere five pounds and I bet I didn’t have more than a pound and a half. She coulda had five more! I think she was afraid of looking bad in front of you guys. :wink:

I had all I wanted but was also headed to a neighbor’s birthday party with all of the traditional Filipino trappings including lumpia, lechon, leche flan, etc. The food was fantastic and the neighbor’s friends and family were wonderfully warm and welcoming.

It was great seeing you guys and gals again. If anyone caught our waiter’s name, you should post it here. I thought he did a great job considering what he had to work with! :grin:

BTW, now that the Oysterman has discovered that I-10 isn’t so scary after all, we should do another food crawl in Katy. The place is blowing up and apparently we’re all out west anyway. Jaymes is a great tour guide. We’ll just dump it all on her again.

Just another of my “bright ideas”.


I heard someone call the waiter umbrey he sure knew his game wonderful service.
It was about time we eaters got together we need to do this again sooner than later.
I had great time and need to dig more into those 70’s stories don’t be shy. :eyes: See you later Oink! :pig:


We’ll there were two wrecks on the way back from surgery, but I put my trust in the hands of Jaymes for Katy cuisine.


It was good for the poor girl to get out instead of waiting on me for the better part of a week.

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Still have the ticket which says Ovey, and server 26.

If I wasn’t so thrilled at the company I would have told him he was terrific. Not an order wrong and everything prompt and hot., doesn’t get better than that. Thanks Ovey!


Three wrecks and 50 minutes after we left BC, I got off 610 at 59. Houston: :helicopter::oncoming_police_car:

Those oysters and catfish pieces were for the two of us. It looks like an oyster on a cracker but we don’t do that, it’s blasphemy.

The catfish pieces were incredible, perfectly battered in a fine cornmeal and very moist and flavorful.

The Wifeacita had a bit of garlic bread and I had some mini crawfish sandwiches on plain bread after squeezing the juices from the head on the bread.


So who had the best story of the day?

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I told a few mostly unedited. You’re name came up with the water catching on fire and all. We all agreed it was beyond epic.

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I have some more. One will actually blow your mind. It will take me several days to write it, as mentioned. Maybe I will get to it soon. It will probaby kill a lot of brain cells remembering all the details and I think I’ve killed too many brain cells in my life already

I wanted to keep it pg13 rated but f it, I might as well go all in.


Who can top setting a river on fire?

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The water on fire story already blew my mind.

Alright here is quick one.

One easter Sunday I’m hanging at my uncle’s house. He would have a party every easter to fish for striped bass and winter flounder. He lives on an island in the navesink river. He would invite his/my fisherman and pirate friends to come fish all day and party all night.

We would pull out flounder and walk them from the river to the house and cook them flopping to the frying pan…no fridge needed here. They go from live to the oil in minutes. Nothing is better! They literally are alive, to filleted, to batter, to the pan in several minutes. Amazingly fresh winter flounder. These are true winter flounder, not flounder like you guys call it in tx. Here that species is called fluke. The winter flounder are sweeter and have a tighter flesh…better mouth feel and flavor. Fluke are still great though.

So the night is getting later and we all had our share of fish and liquor. A few of us are playing cards and I look over at captain mike. He is two sheets to the wind. I said “captain mike, what’s the matter? You look like you’re going to be sick.” This is a guy who can out drink anyone so I was genuinely concerned that something may have been wrong (and this is in my wasted state.) He tilts his head up and takes the cig out of his mouth. “This is the worst fucking trail mix I’ve ever had!!!” HE IS EATING A PLATE OF DRIED CAT FOOD! HAHAHAHA! I shit you not. He grabbed the cat food plate off the counter that my uncle elevated from the floor so people wouldn’t step on it. If I had a video of this I’d probably be a YouTube millionaire! Classic! I still laugh everytime I think about the horrid look on his face and his raspy salty dog voice. I can’t make this stuff up folks!

In person, this story is a lot more colorful, but I can assure you that seeing a famous captain crunching through cat chow and the horrifying look on his face, it would put a smile on your face! He is actually down there near you guys running a boat in LA.

That’s a short one. The good stories will take a little time for me to write up.

Moral of the story, tons of Jim beam and beer may not mix well


I’m thinking mas crawfish on Saturday the 23rd, anytime is good, let us know. Doobs, unleash you know who.

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I’ll pitch it but she’s quite the social butterfly - her dance card may already be full.

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We’re thinking about today, come up with a date when you can round up the posse and we’ll reach out to Lambsy and Jaymes.

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