Houston Christmas Dinner

What are you people doing?

We’re going to Golden Corral, or not, scared ya’ll didn’t I.

It’s going to be an Hebert’s crawfish/jalapeno boneless stuffed chicken. We did a broccoli, rice, and cheese one on Thanksgiving and loved it.

There could be waffles and bacon for breakfast.

The evening is reserved for a Christmas light tour.


We’ll be having Christmas dinner at bro’s house with smoked turkey he was gifted from I don’t know where, a HoneyBaked Ham and all the fixings. I’m bringing baked beans and have dibs on the ham bone for FutureBeans. There will be dressings and casseroles and all nature of other things and we’ll all be stuffed when we sit down to it because of all the cheese and olives and dips and crudités we’ll have had aforehand.

We don’t have any little kids in the family currently so for the last several years we do an office-style white elephant swap where everyone brings 5 or 6 small things and we take turns picking packages and there’s trading and swiping and sometimes crying involved.

It’s great fun. Hope yours is as good as ours will be. Stay safe and Merry Christmas errybody!

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Those hams are the best, I was thinking about them the other day and I see one in the future. Merry Christmas.

Is the errybody an homage to A Christmas Story which is on right now?

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Well a Christmas Story is on all day long! Last night I had the entire clan over for cold cuts and dips and such. We did that white elephant exchange for the first time, it was fun! Other than that it was chaos. No one cried.

Today is a small gathering for prime rib. Got a great deal at Randall’s I think. I was not strong and brave enough to go to my H-E-B. Goode Company pecan pie for dessert, a gift.

Happy Christmas to all!


Save me a giant hunk of rare to med rare, por favor.

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This is the 3rd year I’ve made prime rib, and I had trouble bringing it to temp this time, but it’s the biggest one I’ve done (3 bones, 7-1/2 lbs). I use Kenji’s method from SE and got up early to get it in at 170 for an early afternoon lunch. I was chagrined to find it still way too cool an hour before resting time and kept turning up the oven until it finally caught up. Anyway, everyone said they loved it. For me, it’s a vehicle for the horsey sauce.

How was the Hebert chicken?

Back to work on the 26th. At least there’s no traffic.


I liked it better than the Wifeacita who prefers the broccoli, cheese, rice stuffing. Great crispy skin.



We had a long wait for new iphones at the Sprint store this past weekend. People were literally streaming in and out of HoneyBakedHam. My husband went over and bought a ham sandwich just to see what all the hallabaloo was about. That was GOOD HAM. We debated on whether we should order one for Xmas eve pickup but decided the long drive/ traffic hassle wouldn’t be worth it. Maybe next year.

I’m curious about these deboned stuffed whole chickens. We stopped at a place on the way back from Galveston that specializes in sausage. The chickens caught my interest until I saw $16.95 price tag for what was probably a 2 1/2 pound chicken. Which I considered highway robbery. I thought to myself I could make that a whole lot cheaper but I knew deep down I never would attempt it.:blush:


I do admit we pay because it’s easy to pop in the oven for 1 hour 15 minutes and we can get at least 4 meals out of it. The broccoli, cheese, rice version is 13.95.

How good are you at cooking ham? Those honey baked jewels will set you back a cool 9 bucks a pound. MY HEB had Smithfield’s for around 2 bucks a pound, but those honey baked are incredible and worth a splurge for a special occasion.


I know how to cook a ham. Prefer Cooks. Think I might still go the HBH route next year. Even though i’m sure there’s a huge ham bone in there that really ups the weight. We shall see😊


There’s always Easter which falls on San Jacinto Day this year.

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Yeah there is.

That’s why I called dibs. It makes the best pot of beans of the whole year.

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