Houston, Carrabba's Original Kirby

We got there at 4 on Friday, settled in at our happy place at the pasta bar which is mere feet from the chef and the cooks and the food prep.

We get a small salad and some of the good bread with olive oil.

The off menu appetizer crab oiesel was ordered which is fresh crab with fried shrimp which remain crispy in a lemon butter sauce with some veggies. It may be the best thing there, order it it’s always available although not usually posted.

I ordered the 14oz ribeye rare which was still mooing and the dang thing bit me but was quickly dispatched with the steak knife. I loved getting revenge on it by devouring it. Good hunk of cow.

The Wifeacita got lasagna which she said was pretty good and the leftovers are being reheated now.

There were sides of Italian sausage and the obligatory fettuccini alfredo, a must have.

It was slow when we got there but became slammed. It’s fun to watch the chef and cooks churn out the orders at a dizzying rate.

We were there several hours but the waiter Rene was well compensated.

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Is that a typo? Well, I guess I could order it by describing it!

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I suggest it should be Crab “Weesie”

I say that because one of my fave dishes there is a “Chicken Weesie” which is chicken in a lemon butter sauce over pasta. My guess is it’s crab with that sauce.

But I could be wrong.



It’s really shrimp and crab Osiel. Just ask for it they’ll know what you’re talking about, they always have it even though it’s on the special menu every four or five weeks.


The dish you’re describing is in an Alfredo sauce served over fettuccini. The one we ate is sautéed in oil and served with garlic bread, really delicious, try it, you’ll like it.

If I wanted to order it, how do you pronounce that second word?


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You do want to order it.