Houston Apr Meet-Up - Helen Greek Food & Wine

So a bunch of us are thinking might be fun to meet at Helen Greek Food & Wine.

They’ve gotten some considerable buzz and their Sunday Brunch is supposed to be pretty special. We’re currently planning on Sunday April 10th.

If you’d like to join us, please pm me for exact details.



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I’m afraid I’ll be out for this one but I look forward to the reports.

And pics. Don’t forget the pics!

We’ll miss you mightily, Doobs.

And for the rest of you - counting on Mr. & Mrs. LO, Bruce, y yo? Right? Next Sunday? Right?

So only four of us?

Anyone else, please pm me for exact details.


Here’s a link to the the brunch menu. Note that I couldn’t scroll past this narrative page or link directly to it. You have to use the nav tool at the bottom left.


So what are you having?

All of it??

We’ll see!

I think Underbelly is consistently overrated, but I’m looking forward to Helen. I really want to try BCN which is only open for dinner. This from the New York Times:

Houston’s Culinary Bragging Rights

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We’re waiting.

It had to be postponed. We couldn’t possibly go without you. :sunglasses:

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