House of Pancakes - San Francisco, Inner Parkside

Carb specialist House of Pancakes is my go-to for take out comfort food. Hand pulled noodles with preserved vegetables and pork (available dry or in soup), beef pancake roll and pork and Napa cabbage dumplings. Dumplings are nice and juicy but simply flavored, beef roll with strong chive, ginger and hoison flavor was nicely cooked without being doughy (which occurs sometimes) and the hand pulled noodles are perfectly al dente. Service is fast and friendly and the prices are a bargain. Real gem.


If you didn’t write about it, and if I am just looking at a Yelp listing, I would have thought this is like an IHOP type of place. Thanks for sharing.

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Their lamb pancake roll is good too.

That strip of Taraval from 18th-30th has a ton of restaurants to explore - at least 2 Szechuan places, hot pot, several dumpling specialists, some cantonese, couple of crappy sushi places, 2-3 Quickly type joints, the Gold Mirror for old school Italian-American, etc. etc.

I’ve been going since they opened and really like this place. The owner is super nice too.
Like many restaurants I’m not sure if the quality has kept up these last 5+ years though.
I like that they have Millet porridge on the menu.
I mainly stick to the dumplings / pancakes and dry noodles with pork and mustard greens (or maybe its the other preserved veggie option).
Guests I’ve brought have really enjoyed the oysters. Something about getting fresh seafood at a place that only has 1 seafood option makes me a little leery, but that’s just me.