House of Blues, Boston

My husband and son are going to the Snarky Puppy show at the House of Blues on Sunday night. We’ve never been and are wondering if it’s worth grabbing a bite before the concert or instead heading to Saloniki or another fast-casual place in Kenmore. (They may end up just having snacks at home anyway.) TIA!

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I had to look up Snarky Puppy even though I’m a big music fan. Sounds interesting.

Coincidentally, we’re heading to Fenway this Saturday after a few years of not going. My default was always Audubon but we haven’t been since the changing of hands several (5?) years ago. We went once right the change and it was still good but different. Not sure yet where we’ll go for lunch before the game.

ETA: I still haven’t tried Tiger Mama. It’s a little bit of a walk from Lansdowne but still within striking distance. I didn’t check yet, but if they’re open for lunch, I might do that. There’s also Eventide but it doesn’t sound as good as the Portland locale. (We like to have sit-down service as opposed to fast-casual counter service which I think is Eventide’s format but I could be wrong. We missed the Honey Paw pop-up this week which made me sad.)

Also Hojoko?


Thanks, digga. If I were going, there would definitely be table service and an adult beverage involved. I’m pretty sure they will be more focused on getting to the concert and will be too hyper to sit and eat, so fast-casual is probably the way to go.

The Snarky Puppy videos have been lots of fun and it should be a great show. My son has become quite a fan and he’s drawing my husband in.

I was at Audubon a couple of years ago, and it was quite decent. Hopefully they are still good. Eventide was good but quite pricey. Giving Tiger Mama a try would probably be my first choice in the area. It sounds really fun, but again, they’ll be music-focused. My son is a vegetarian so Saloniki is probably their best bet for quick veggie options.

While they are at the show, my other son, wonderful daughter-in-law and I are probably headed to Sura in Medford for Korean BBQ. Have you been?

I’ll be curious to hear where you end up. And, let’s go Sox! And hopefully the weather will cooperate.

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I forgot to report back after the show. My husband and son ended up at Saloniki, which turned out to be a good choice. The place was slammed and it took about 30 minutes to order, which was fine since they thought the show started at seven, but it turns out that the doors opened at seven and the show was at eight! Live and learn, I suppose. So, they waited for 30 minutes in rain for nothing. Anyway, my husband got the chicken souvlaki plate and my son had the zucchini-feta plate and they both were very happy and would probably head there again for a quick bite before a show.


Do you like Sura? We had some Korean barbecue on Riverside Drive in Medford a few years ago. It must have been at Sura. We didn’t dislike it, but neither did we like it enough to return. But we had just had some good Korean food in Manhattan, so maybe the comparison was not fair.

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As a very experienced small-venue concert goer, I would’ve advised that the time printed on the tickets are doors only. I’m actually impressed the guys’ show went on at 8 pm. I’m used to a 2 hour or more lag from doors.

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Well, it was Mother’s Day, so it’s hard to judge. I thought things would be quiet by dinner, but things were pretty busy, with lots of families eating and several waiting for tables. We were seated at a table with a non-functioning gas grill and were given a grill pan instead. We weren’t too familiar with the menu and it was hard to get much explanation about how to order. It seemed that we each had to order the same thing and didn’t have much flexibility in choosing, and then we didn’t get everything we ordered. Service felt really scattered. In their defense, it was Mother’s Day! I might return if we were sure to get a real flame to cook the food and less chaotic service. That said, the short ribs were delicious and it was still a fun night out.

I liked New Jang Su in Burlington better overall, but it’s probably not a fair comparison given the holiday.


That was probably Chung Ki Wa that you went to, which has since closed. I didn’t go often, but it was pretty good all-around. Sura is a RI-import. My parents like the original location in Johnston RI. They also have a location in Providence, right on Westminster. I went once years ago to the PVD location and it’s a nice setting, decidedly more hipster-skewed given its location. I can’t remember the food very well.

You’re right, it must have been Chung Ki Wa. I just looked it up on Google Maps. And there was a Japanese restaurant next door to it, which is now a place called All You Can Eat. Times change.