Houlihan's, Eatontown NJ - CLOSED

For what it’s worth I figured I would share this here. Of all the family fast food places Houlihan’s is my favorite brand, specifically I loved their wings, ahi tun salad and their prime rib wasn’t too bad either. They used to have the best shrimp cocktail around, however they switched from true jumbo’s to 16/20’s a couple years ago.

According to the article it’s just the landlord having different intentions for the future of the property and hopefully moving the liquor license to the Monmouth Mall expansion plan.

You will have to go to Brick or Holmdel if you want your Houlihan’s fix now.

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I didn’t think there were any around!

There are still at least a half dozen around NJ. Off the top of my head there is Edison, Rutherford (I think), New Brunswick, Brick, Holmdel and Princeton Area. There are a few more I’m sure.

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I know there was one in Weehawken, not sure if it is still there

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There’s also one in Fairfield/Wayne on RT 46W just past the Willowbrook Mall.

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That’s actually the one I said was Rutherford, I wasn’t sure what town it was up there.

Ha! Rutherford is much further east… And I think there’s one in Secaucus (now that you got my brain back in NNJ).

Maybe it was Seacacus!?!?!?! All I know is it was up there on 46 or 3 due East of the Stadium in some mall. Has been there 20+ years, first one in the state I was aware of.

Hmm. Both are west of the stadium…but Secaucus is just a few miles away, while the Fairfield one is at least another 10 miles west!

I feel like there is one in Bridgewater on 22 as well.

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pretty sure I used go to one in Bayonne as well, not sure if its still there…

Yes!!! I forgot about that one, the location of the old Conners! (I think that was the name, they had all you could eat mussels marinara on their salad bar!!!) It’s been a few years since I was at this location but yeah I do think it’s still there.

That was the best shrimp cocktail around.
Jumbo Shrimp, Tortilla Strips, thin slices of Red Onion and Bell Pepper with Lime Vinaigrette and a side of Cocktail Sauce and Lemon.
I truly felt sadness when I went in and the shrimp were changed. That was my last one I ever ordered.

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