Hottest/Best in Paris 2024

I am back in Paris for a quick weekend March 22-24. I am just wondering what are the hot, new restaurants so far in 2024. MoSuke seems to be as hard as ever to get in (will do a last ditch effort for lunch on Friday as Friday dinner is probably the hardest night to get in), so other than that, looking for recommendations for places open Friday lunch and Saturday dinner.

Also, any amazing Sunday brunch places that open earlier than 12? I have a flight at 4:15, and while its business, and I am BA Gold, I doubt there is First Class check in.

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Probably the hottest new restos are Vaisseau and woman-cheffed Datil. Both favourites for a star when Michelin announces its new selection on 18 March… Vaisseau is probably the most certain. Both impossible for rezzies at the mo. I haven’t been to either yet. and, because of its earnestness, unlikely to try Datil. See @naf’s excellent review of Vaisseau… [Paris 11] Vaisseau

As starworthy new-kids-on-the-block alternatives where it is slightly easier to find a table at the mo, Tracé near Palais Royal, Géosmine in the 11th, and Hémicycle near the Assemblée Nationale.

For brunch, I’d look for a buffet considering the time restraints. Although I’m not a vegetarian, I enjoy the weekend brunch at veggie-paradise IMA on the quai Valmy/ Canal Saint-Martin… opens before 11am. And a more reluctant recommendation for a boisterous/ joyful resto-boulangerie combo BOULOM on rue Ordener in Montmartre… maybe not quite what seems to be your style… opens at 11am on Sunday.

How about Blanc in the 16th district? Ex-Passage 53’s Shinichi Sato’s new venture. A promising review here. I have been a fan of Passage 53 but never been to Blanc.

If you want to try Vaisseau, you can try regularly their site reservation to see if there is some last minute cancellation.

I went to the websites of the recommended restaurants above, and none of them have full menus posted, just the type (3 or 5 course prix-fixe) and the prices. Is this a new trend in Paris?

These restaurants have ever changing, mostly no-choice menus… I guess they feel it’s a waste a time to post a sample menu which will be different than the menu on the day you go.

To get an idea of what sort of cuisine to expect, look at their instagram accounts.

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Just to add one more brunch suggestion. The exceptionally good Bontemps pâtisserie-salon de thé on the rue Bretagne in the Haut Marais/ 3rd. Very girlie “jardin secret”, first brunch seating at 11:45, must reserve.

As of right now, I have lunch on Friday at Datil, dinner on Friday at Lafayette’s, Lunch on Saturday at Juveniles, and then as of now, dinner Saturday at Le Saint Sebastien.

For Sunday, I think something at 11:45 is still too late. With a flight at 4:15 PM, even though flying business, I know CDG can be a mess. Might just go have breakfast at Cafe de Flore, then hit the flower markets, then back to the hotel to check out and head to the airport.

Athough a pale echo of what it used to be, Flore is probably a good call for Sunday breakfast. To some extent it maintains more authenticity and quality than ultra-touristy neighbour Aux Deux Magots.

I for one love the little extra touches like serving “un grand crème” with a separate jug of warm milk. But a quandary… order un grand crème or the very good chocolat chaud (a breakfast drink in France and Flore’s version is very drinkable compared to the vaunted but over-rich hot chocolate at Angelina’s) ?

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Had to cancel Datil due to work running over. Lafayette’s food was really good, and I enjoyed it. Definitely a scene. Will do a review if I can ever get over the hump of finishing my last long Paris trip (I am still writing, but job gets in the way). Lunch at Juveniles was excellent, and Le Saint Sebastien (@ninkat joined me for dinner and selected an amazing bottle of wine!) was amazing.

Decided to pop back to Paris the last weekend in April. Hitting up Les Enfants Rouges Friday for lunch (went back in 2017 and decided to revisit), then dinner on Friday will be at L’Assiette. Saturday lunch will be at Oktobre, followed by dinner at Jeanne-Aimee.

As always, staying at Le Roch Hotel and Spa.


I did Oktobre followed by Jeanne Aimee the night after a couple weeks ago. Much preferred the former, JA was good too.


I can confirm MoSuke is almost impossible to book. I did practice try this week when they released a new batch and they were gone super quick.

I heard AMÂLIA Restaurant was generating some major buzz. Anyone been?

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" Plenitude " has been constantly mentioned by foodies everywhere to offer THE BEST AND PERFECT DINING EXPERIENCE!

…If you can get a reservation. I’ve been on the waitlist for a few months for any timeslot in a 5 day window in July. They don’t post availability online. I may try Visa Concierge though to see if that helps.

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I have AMÂLIA on my list to try (but didn’t get there yet). I ate at Korus when they were the duo turning out a lovely meal, especially her pastry and dessert parts, I thought. They were super lovely people, and I am looking forward to trying their new restaurant.

Well, you know we love Korus as we recommended it to you a couple of years ago (after Pilgrim recommended it to us several years earlier). We celebrated Ginny’s b-day there 4 years ago and have already made reservations to do it again next month. However, the one good but lackluster meal we’ve had there was a year and a half ago (w/onzieme), when the AMALIA folks were the chefs there. The wife’s desserts were quite good, but we weren’t overwhelmed with the chef’s offerings. I don’t think onz was either, although I don’t think he was fond of the previous kitchen either. At any rate, I’m now anxious to see what Korus will present to us next month, but not at all convinced about trying to get into AMALIA – at least until some others I trust check it out and give it the :+1:.


I sorta knew this when I posted, but I have no Korus comparison!

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At Amalia now. Just a wrapping up. The Pigeon dish might be the favorite thing ive eaten this year.


A late recommendation to try, if “wrapping up” didn’t mean that you’re leaving Paris. A chef, Antoine Villard, who did rotations at both Fulgurances in Paris and their Bklyn place Laundromat (ex sous chef at Septime as well), just opened (this week) his own place in Paris called “Dandelion”. We fully intend to go next month but would love to hear input beforehand.
Anything else on Amalia?

Alas, i leave tomorrow. When i say wrapping up, i meant finishing up dinner. Im pooped!

Anyone heard about or been to Minore? Seems to be getting some buzz.