Hot pastrami sandwich

I am looking for a juicy pastrami (and corned beef) sandwich on good rye to satisfy my craving. I am in Mercer County but travel for good food. Not looking for Harold’s monstrous sandwich.


Calling @BossaNova I have heard good things about the place that took over for the now-defunct Jerry and Harvey’s called The Pickled Herring, most of them from him.

Of course, wherever you go, you should probably wait until after Passover.

I have become a fairly regular customer of The Pickled Herring (always curbside, no contact pick-up). Their appetizing is outstanding. Very good chicken noodle soup with matzoh balls. Fabulous chopped liver. The corned beef just ok, but I only use it to make Ruebens myself (their rye bread is good), so it works for that. I have not tried the pastrami because I like extra-fatty, and I was told they couldn’t give me that.

They are closed today but will be open tomorrow and for the rest of Passover. If you do decide to try the pastrami, please report back.

Edited to add: @seal While it is located in the former Jerry and Harvey space, the people who own it are not from J&H but from the longtime defunct Jesse and David.


It is not open yet (should be in “spring 2021”), but I am looking forward to trying this place:

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On our list!

My wife and I have been going here for years.

We have been getting takeout from the Pickled Herring since it opened about a year ago and even had a lunch in the restaurant. (we’re both fully vaccinated). As Roz said the appetizing is excellent and of high quality. We really like the pastrami and brisket but have never tried the corned beef. All of the sides we have tried are good including the homemade potato knish, derma, noodle pudding, various salads etc.

There is a thread on the Pickled Herring here.


I finally got an appointment for the COVID shot at the mega site in Edison. No better way to celebrate than to stop at Harold’s Deli to pick up a mountain o’ meat sandwich. I still think it’s more fun to dine-in watching all the hungry customers stuff themselves. Not for the health conscious but what a way to go :open_mouth:


I read somewhere on the internet that hot pastrami and COVID shots don’t mix well. :crazy_face: