Hot Glazed Doughnuts on the Menu, and Parisians Can’t Get Enough

Full disclosure: don’t care for donuts, never had a Krispy Kreme.

Krispy Kreme are definitely meh, IMO. I’m not a huge donut fan, although I will eat them if offered. LOL But a Dunkins glazed is the way I’d go.

And give me a true croissant or a pain au chocolate, and I’m a happy camper. While I’ve not yet had a Kouign-amann, it’s on my list to try. I mean - buttery flaky dough and a caramelized sugar topping? What can be bad about it?


I’m surprised there hasn’t been the usual French backlash against US food ‘culture’ encroaching on their own.

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Donuts, at least the American kind, are pretty awful in Paris and Lyon.

Beignets, however, are wonderful.

But then a true beignet is not a Krispy Kreme. And vice versa.

I’m not big on donuts either and as @LindaWhit says, Krispy Kreme is meh (at best). But I certainly had a WTF moment earlier when I saw Parisians lined up around the block for a Krispy Kreme. Put me in the category of a good croissant or, even better, pain au chocolate (which I haven’t seen in my parts in years).

I do remember as a kid (way pre-web) dad discovered he could have beignet mix shipped from Cafe du Monde. They were great, but good lord did they leave a powdery, oily mess.


Parisians visiting SF or NYC probably have the same reaction to seeing the lines outside of B Patisserie (SF) or Dominique Ansel (NYC).

“Get a me a hot fresh glazed from KK or better yet a warm Boston Cream from Dunkin Donuts, any day of the week!”

been a lot of places in Europe - Nordic to N. African coast, , , and gotta say , , , altho there many many many absolutely delicious splendid pastries / sweets / fried dough / etc. treats, not much approaches the “American doughnut”

and, even as old geezers long marooned in the US, on a recent visit to a Mohegan Sun Casino which had a KK production line “on site” . . . we sat patiently waiting for a next batch to come thru the line - - - to get 'em ‘hot fresh’ off the line.

I’ll never turn down a nice chunk-o-strudel anytime, but a still hot KK donut . . . I’ll wait . . .

once upon a time, this is how we made the donuts. . . .

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I liked many things in Boston but I never understood the love of Dunkin - their donuts always felt so heavy (and really fresh KK directly from their “assembly” line and still hot is a nice treat)

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Agree, I don’t care for Dunkin at all. That said, KK are pretty meh when cold as well. But a hot one fresh off the conveyor belt? Be still my taste buds! They are so good. Nothing else melts in your mouth quite like them!