Hot Cocoa cookies?

I stumbled upon these with a store bought limited edition cookie last year from the Immaculate Baking Co. They sell the premade cookie doughs that you can just drop into a tray. They were delicious, and not too sweet.

Of course I only had them after their limited time ran out and I haven’t seen them since. This is one of my favorite cookies I’ve had, and I don’t even really like cookies that much. I’ve tried looking for recipes online, and none seem to look like what I had (most are just chocolate, fudge cookies with a a giant marshmallow on top).

The ones I had are not fudgie nor brownie like. They were thin, and soft, but with bits of marshmallow baked inside. They had a subtle cocoa flavor, but no chocolate (not chips, not kisses, not chocolate syrup on top). Have you had or made cookies that sounds like this? Any recipes you can share? I’ve checked the company’s website and they don’t even mention these, as if they never existed! Only hope is that they will have them again this holiday season, but who knows…?


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Interesting. If I see these I might try them. They were a different brand though. The Immaculate Baking Co. ( Is local, so I’m not even sure how widely their products are distributed. They specialize in organic versions of the Pillsbury premade dough/pastry products.

Thanks for the heads up! I’ll keep eye out for them.

Edit: Guess General Mills bought out Immaculate Baking a few years ago. Now I just get to be bitter why my closest grocery stores don’t carry them. :unamused:. I find them at Whole Foods though.

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