Hot Box, Bow Market, Somerville

Oh, thanks for the info. Very helpful.
I agree that Hot Box should have info somewhere, especially since they tout themselves as a “late night experience” on the website but don’t include hours. Is that late night only, or in addition to earlier hours? We love bar pizza, but I certainly won’t trek to Somerville if there’s a chance of them not being open. It’s annoying.

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Agreed on the hours. I’d also like to see a menu posted to gauge the offerings and prices. That would probably be a priority for me before getting shirts and merchandise up on the site. The photo of the sandwich on Eater and the quoted price does look promising though. I love a good north style roast beef sandwich and it would be great to have another local option. Skampa is pretty good, but not on the level of some of the best north shore joints IMO. I am definitely not looking for any elevated (or bastardized) versions though. I’m talking about places like Cusser’s in the South End. Calling that sandwich north shore style is an affront.


fwiw, the single thing that Hot Box does have on its Instagram is a pic of the menu:

decided to split this off from the pizza thread for clarity’s sake. hopefully soon one of us will suss out when they are actually open and can review it here.

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finally, Boston magazine today has some Hot Box specs in their weekend preview: “The plan at Hot Box is to start serving around 4 p.m. on weekdays and noon on weekends, until the food runs out, with solid hours set by the grand opening on September 27, says chef-owner Mike Gurevich.”

I can now report from the front that these hours as stated to a Boston publication by Hot Box owner Mike Gurevich are not yet in effect. Walked up there after work today & got there around five and the place was closed up with no one in sight. Pretty much done with this place for now until they can get some set hours.

Also, Bow Market at five during the week for food is pretty much a wasteland.

they were open and doing a steady business on saturday afternoon


okay glad they are open and doing steady business at some times.

I am a neighbor (I live closer to Sullivan than to Union, but a long-time neighbor nonetheless).

I love the idea of Bow Market, and I do understand the long-delayed roll-out, permitting, construction delays, delayed openings, supply and labor issues, etc. Bow Market is seriously in need of reliable information. Who is open when, what are they selling/serving when, it goes on and on. I get and appreciate that these are youngish entrepreneurs and lots of stuff needs to be worked out. But, it’s not hard to post updates.

Entrepreneur doesn’t need to = amateur. I’m done with it, too, even though I go by there several times a week. It makes Assembly look appealing, and Assembly is not appealing, to me.


Wow. A lot of strong sentiment here about Bow Market. A disclaimer: We’ve only been there once, not too long after it opened and we spent a happy 1-2 hours there, checking out the shops, drinking beer, and scampering around the courtyard. We’ve had a busy summer but we’ll check it out again soon, tying it in with a visit to Reliable Market. In our opinions, any new concept will have growing pains and may not be prime-time ready, such as corporate-centric places like Assembly Row (so I think the comparison is apples-oranges). I don’t mind being in the corner with the little gals/guys (especially when we’re talking about something that is a bit 1st-world).

I certainly did not intend to suggest that I’m not in the corner with the little gals/guys, I’m totally in. We love Reliable and also Capone Foods and have been patronizing both for decades (and the much newer Juliet). I don’t like Assembly at all, and wish it weren’t here…but, as a parent of a special needs teen (meaning, I need to be home soon), when I get out even to something in the neighborhood, I like to know when we finally find parking, the place will at least be open.

I admit to having mixed feelings about Bow Market. It’s good on weekends when you can be sure that everyone is there, but it’s really spotty during the week and a lot of the vendors are pretty poor about communicating simple things like when they’re open. I’m also sort of skeptical about what will happen there during the winter, since there’s no inside seating at all and most of the food spots already seem to have fairly limited hours.

ended up going to the farmer’s market in Union today, and on the way back stopped at Bow Market just to see what the scoop is with Hot Box. Was there at 12:30, and there were people in Hot Box but their window was closed. My gf poked her head in the door and asked when they’d be open, and what she got as a response was: “I don’t know. I can call my manager” after which the other guy in there said “maybe 2-3 hours”. It’s kind of clear these people have no idea what they’re doing.

On the bright side, the Hooked shop was open and I got a decent bagel with bluefish pate for lunch. They seem to be pretty professional, they have posted hours and were serving oysters and such.


Ok I acquiesce - that’s pretty bad. :thinking:


great to know Hooked was open! We’ll try soon.

We were at the Union market this morning too but in a hurry and we went early (to get out before they started setting up for Fluff later today) so we didn’t pop in to Bow Market. I wish somebody could give all the vendors some free or very cheap business advice…they seem to be all young-ish and most starting their first businesses…they are going to need financial and other advice and I do want them all to succeed. Doing anything in Somerville is difficult with permitting and the city regs and “process” though a lot easier than in Boston and Cambridge. I remember when Juliet was granted their liquor license but when I asked them when they’d start serving, they said they had no idea how long it would take to actually receive it so they could start wine and beer. We really want to try Celeste, too. Parking is horrendous and yes, we do need to park because I have three joint replacements and taking the T is not possible for me. Several other business owners in that area told me they hope the Bow Market clientele will all bicycle. That will be kind of challenging in the winter.

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I agree. Frustrating…just give a little info on social media, even if it says that they are only opening randomly so customers don’t travel there and end up annoyed and disappointed. Just a post saying something would be helpful. If I had traveled from Waltham without seeing this thread it would leave a bad taste in my mouth. That said, I’m still looking forward to trying them when they actually have set hours.

yes, when they have set hours they post info for, and potential customers can count on those hours. That takes less than a minute on social media.

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