[Hong Kong] Yuet Tung China Works, only remaining hand-painted porcelain factory

I came across an newspaper article today, if you like hand painted decorative table wares, you should not miss this place. Produced hand-painted ceramics and porcelain wares for more than 90 years, focusing on the Guangzhou style, Yuet Tung China Works 粵東磁廠 had in the past hundreds of workers, now only 3 and the last generation. Please note that they do not produce the ceramics or the porcelain themselves but buy from China, Japan or various sources.

Please note that if you are interested to shop, only cash is accepted.

A few photos captured from the video of Apple Daily.

Yuet Tung China Works
Unit 1- 3, 3/F., Kowloon Bay Industrial Centre
15, Wang Hoi Road,
Kowloon Bay
Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2796 1125