[Hong Kong] Yu Chuan Club 渝川菜館 - Sichuan cuisine

After our wonderful Malaysian trip, we would like to eat a spicy Chinese meal for comparison. I tried to check out several places “private clubs”, most allow only reservation for 8 or 10 or more people. We saw pretty good review of Yu Chuan Club, and they don’t have problem with a 2 diners’ reservation. Here we go!

It was the Mid Autumn Festival in Hong Kong, lots of lovely lanterns in the new renovated street in Wanchai. The new buildings remind me very much of the colourful Chinese building in Penang. In Hong Kong, they took down the authentic old buildings in the past and now replaced by something similar but now only accessible as shopping malls, hotels or restaurants.

The new architecture from the window of the restaurant. A bit too Disneyland feel. I preferred the real old buildings in certain districts in Hong Kong.

Back to food. Spicy and sour cucumber

Sliced pork with mashed garlic sauce with cucumber slices

Braised eel with garlic

Quick-fried pig intestines with chili - Delicious, crispy and well seasoned

Boiled frog in a fiery sauce - Quite good, but we needed to fish for our meat

On the whole, the meal was quite good. For 2 persons, they recommended ordering 5 dishes - for us 2 cold and 3 warm dishes. Certain dishes, the quantity was on the light side. I think I still like San Xi Lou a bit more, the meal was more delicate.

Yu Chuan Club
Flat 1B Hundred City Centre
7-17 Amoy Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2838 5233


Have you been to Si Jie, the other Si Chuan private kitchen? I am curious how they compare.

The view is the redeveloped mall/ residential towers at Lee Tung Ave. The lanterns are there all year long apparently. They are still there in April…!

No. I read interesting reviews on Sijie. But some places you need to go with a minimum 4 persons. We were 2, choice were a bit limited.

They were different from the moon festival. The ones on your photo were the classic lanterns.