“ Hong Kong Wing Tai Restaurant, Yonge & Elgin Mills, Richmond Hill “ - An emblematic, casual Hong Kong style hole-in-the-wall, up-rooted from across the ocean!

Located in Hong Kong’s outskirt Tsuen Wan district, this once popular and long standing colonial style cafe is no more! Uprooted his family and business from the ex-crown colony a while back, the owner brought with him his business’s formula for success but most importantly, the original menu and re-planted them in Richmond Hill!..Lucky us!!

Known for its iconic flavourful, ultra-crispy and super-juicy, deep-fried Chicken legs as well as their great value, Hong Kong style afternoon tea and comfort food. It was therefore not surprising that hungry locals flocked to and packed this place way past the normal busy lunch hour.

For our late lunch/early afternoon tea, we ordered a ‘ Baked mixed mushroom Chicken A-La-King on rice casseole ‘…this comes with a meaty, deeply complex Hong Kong style Russian Borscht nicely seasoned with just the right level of spicy heat. As well, adding an order of their iconic Deep fried Chicken Leg ( paired with mixed greens and Balsamic reduction dressing ) together with a cup of their classic, award winning Hong Kong style milk tea was a no brainer.

A delightful meal with an excessive amount of food to take home, the final bill of only $25 was a most welcoming surprise!

BTW, they call it a day and close at 6.00pm!!
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