[Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui] Dim sum at Shang Palace 香宮

Located in the basement of the Shangri-la Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Shang Palace is one of those well-rated hotel Cantonese restaurant. We ate there for lunch a few months back.

Starting off the meal:

Har gau- perfect. Bouncy fresh shrimp, perfect skin texture.

Baked pinebpple bbq pork bun . Good rendition with solid char sir Inside.

Crispy spring roll with yellow chives and shrimp- perfectly fried with the outer layer thin and shatteringly crisp with the chives adding aroma. Minor complaint was that the fresh shrimp was slightly on the salty side.

Bean curd with chicken. Dark meat chicken with ham plus shiitake and fish maw. Very tasty. Chicken was succulent. The ham was a bit on the weak side with some semblance to spam. Nonetheless, this dish was the highlight of the meal for me.

Minced beef ball with was bland. The taste was mostly provided by the accompanying vinegar.

Abalone braised noodle. Jook sing noodle was solidly bouncy, but could be a bit more so. The noodles were on the thin side and braised with an abalone sauce. Solid job.

Came with 3 spicy sauce on the side. One with pumpkin. All pretty hot stuff.

Overall, the dim sum were solid, traditional, though didn’t stand out from the rest of the restaurants competing in the top echelon of dim sum in Hong Kong, due to some room for improvement. Good bite though when one wants hotel dim sum in TST East.





I wonder how Shang Palace at the Kowloon Shangri-la compares with Summer Palace at the Island Shangri-la over in HK.

Ate at Summer, not Shang, but it was too long ago to remember anything except that we greatly enjoyed the roast duck.

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