[Hong Kong] Tai O Village - local street food

Tai O is a fishing village famous for its unique architecture, the houses were built on water. Our half day trip began with the Ngong Ping cable cars and then by bus. The ride was fine, it was rainy. This part was very touristy, since it is also the way to reach the big buddha. Glad to do it once, but not again.

Finally we arrived, husband has visited some 10+ years ago, and the tourist boats were new.

Famous for the dried seafood stalls.

Famous also for its shrimp paste

Dried ginger or preserved fruits

Fish drying under the sun

Egg yolk confit with salt drying under the sun

You can see the hipster coming around to the traditional village.

Local craft beer

Stone grind for shrimp paste


Our first idea was to have a proper restaurant meal, probably a seafood restaurant. After talking to a local there, he advised us to do binge eating with local street food. I agree, was in fact much more interesting and fun. Note that most of the snacks here, you could only find that in Tai O.

We started with the delicious husband galette, a prawn pork pancake at Cheung Choi Kee.

Talked to the owner while waiting for the galette, he told us that most only work on the weekend, and many were retired, and do it to earn a bit of money.


Next up, we had a Chinese pizza next store.

This one was very yummy. We had the vegetarian version, liked the spring onion.


Next up, we went to the grill stand nearby. They had a special space with seatings behind them, but you need to buy something in order to use their tables!

The dried fish or squid was quite hard and not partially aromatic. I think it was the most expensive and we appreciated the least.

We also took a drink, locally made by this lady. Made with haw fruit.


I think it was much faster taking a bus to the village but man those drivers are literally pedal to the metal. I recall a lady sorta near us screaming “excuse me mr. bus driver, but can you slow down!?” more than once…

Anywho, you went all out on the snacks! Did you get the eggettes cooked over the little charcoal grill with the sunglass uncle?


Of course we needed a dessert! This place has a nice sea view.

The old owner tried to explain to us no ginger milk due to the hot weather. He also explained to us how to go to the pier to leave Tai O.

We ordered tofu fa or custard, with black sesame as well!

These donuts looked good, but we were no longer hungry…


Whoa, great desserts! Thanks for sharing.

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We ended our trip with some dried prawn, some shrimp paste and shrimp XO sauce.

We did find the craft beer in anther occasion. Brewed by some British in HK. Gwei Lo, means foreign devils. The beer was fine, much better than the light Chinese beer.

We took the boat back to the city.



No, too many choices, stomach too small, will return.