[Hong Kong] Roaster Near Mong Kok MTR

I don’t even know the name of this restaurant but Google_Gourmet and Naf have found the location (See screenshot below).

Photos are from 2 visits. It’s a small a cramped restaurant, very local and unpretentious. They looked at us as if we were lost. Didn’t see any other tourists on both occasions. Also didn’t see tourists in the area on other occasions. Big streets and MTRs are nearby but seems not many tourists stray far from there.


Bone broth comes with the meal


They also have fish. This one was fresh water fish. Unfortunately, the partner had to eat it all. It’s not the fish, it’s me. I only taste an entire swamp in fresh water fish.

If you can read Chinese:

Often full during meal times. We came after peak meal hours. You can drop bones on the table and floor, like in China.

Enter the restaurant through the side door. When it’s full inside they set up some tables outside.

I just pointed at what I wanted to order. Communicating in English is not possible but it’s not a problem at all. (We used a translation app)

Just remember the number on the sign, that’s their address.

Address (I copied/pasted this from another thread in which Google_Gourmet provided the info): a short walk from Mong Kok MTR

[885 Canton Road] 百富豪燒臘飯店

According to Google Map:

Please do add you own photos (and experiences) if you have been here.

And lastly… what are you waiting for? Go to Hong Kong if you want the best roast meats!


Enticing write-up. Your pictures bring back good memories and made me drool!

A few years ago,we were staying at the Holiday Inn Express Dundas, literally around the corner. The Wall of Roasted Meats drew us in, like a moth to a flame. This part of Mong Kok is still very much a working-class neighborhood. Having a rudimentary knowledge of Cantonese is most helpful to deal with venders here, kudos to @Presunto to do the “point and click” method. Ain’t no English Menus at most (any?) of the eateries in this sector.

We’ve only eaten in-house once. We enjoyed the Pigeon, Pork Tongue, Roast Duck on Rice and some well steamed Bok Choy for a mid-afternoon snack.

On the workstation behind our table were some prepped raw items that we must go back for: Steam Pork Hash (w/Dried Fish or Salty Egg Yolk), Pork Sparerib w/Black Bean, and what looks to be some Fish Balls.

We almost always grab some takeaway en route back to our hotel. Roast Pigeon, my SO’s favorite. Roast Duck or Goose. Roast Pork is very good, Roast Pork Belly is even better. When available, the Suckling Roast Piglet is sublime! (These pictures are a lousy representation)

Directly across the street is a tiny fishmonger stand with many kinds of crab and finfish. Three stores down is another fishmonger that only does Live Carp, which is most likely where @Presunto fish came from. Don’t get much fresher than that.


OMG, you’re killing me here! Fantastic stuff you eat. Your 1 snack is the equivalent of 2 meals for us. I ate the pigeon somewhere else. It’s probably the same here.

I want to order the steam pork next time. I make this at home myself but I want to try theirs. Would be great if you, or someone, can translate the handwritten menu on the mirror. They have more dishes but without knowing or seeing them it’s impossible to order.

Next time.

Just different combo. Just pointing to what you want to have will yield the same results :smiley:

Roasted duck
Roasted pork + chicken
Roasted pork + chasiu
Roasted pork + duck
Roasted hock + chicken
Roasted hock
All $33
Soup $4

Roasted suckling pig
Roasted suckling pig + chicken
Roasted suckling pig + duck
Roasted suckling pig + goose
Roasted pork belly?
Roasted pork belly? + goose

I am sure you can get them to make the combo you want if its not ones posted.


Thank you! So they are just roasted meat combos. I saw other home-style dishes (non roasted meats) eaten by other customers but they came from the kitchen behind a window/door and in covered pots.

I want to try the steamed pork and ribs in Google_gourmet’s photos next time.