Hong Kong recommendations?

Hi all,

I have two questions about Hong Kong and want to see if anyone has an opinion on:

  • Recommended eats around Stanley Market and the beach? Prefer Chinese/ Asian since I am coming from San Francisco. But I think its touristy, so any tasty bites will do if kids can fit in.

  • Any kaiseki recommendations or dis-recommendations?


To clarify, I am not married to kaiseki. The original thought was I might skip away for a solo meal, and ideally of a cuisine that has a better quality in HK vs SF. And one that allows one person to try a variety of things. Hence why kaiseki came to mind. Wagyu Kaiseki Den and Ryugin, they are obviously costly and they may not even be available. e.g. Obviously other options, kaiseki or not, are welcome too!

I like Sushi Ta-ke in Causeway Bay, but it is not kaiseki. The lunch is quite a good bargain but causal. Dinner experience is better for fresh fish, they have Omakase menu. I have only eaten sushi and sashimi there (twice lunch and once dinner). Dinner price is similar to the stars restaurants. Note that a few months ago, they have a new sushi chef and is moving to Lee Garden right now (I think they reopen in March).


Wagyu Kaiseki Den and Tenku RyuGin, you should reserve ASAP. Have you think of Kaiseki Den by Saotome?

It’s a few years since I was there but we used to avoid eating in Stanley - nice for a beer on Sunday afternoon but never had decent food. Possibly the least bad is The Boathouse but very western pub food.

There is now a new complex in Repulse Bay (The Pulse) that has quite a few restaurants - can’t vouch for any but maybe useful to research a little - I think they are better quality than Stanley and not too far away. But be aware buses back to town can be hard to get onto at the end of a nice beach day.

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TRi (Indonesia) and Shoku (Japanese Binchotan Grill) at the Pulse stand out. Meen & Rice (Chinese) looks alright. There seems to be a -15% on Monday (the Pulse).

I have a look at restaurants in Stanley, very few Asian stuff, 2 seem to be a bit better than the others: Chung’s Cuisine (Cantonese), Xia Fei (Dim sum and noodles). Or you want to grab a small snack like Hong Kong style toast and milk tea at Si Yik (Da Pan Dong) and take a mini van to go to Causeway Bay afterwards.

Don’t forget to report back.

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How about Sushi Shikon (branch of Tokyo’s Yoshitake)? Or Sushi Saito’s new outlet opening at the 4 seasons later this month. US (Bay Area included) high end sushi is still not on par with best offerings in Asia.

Thought about Saito. But don’t even know where to start since there is no phone number or web page. Maybe need to call Four Seasons. I can’t imagine not having any connections will help me getting reservations when they first open…!

Best bet is to try the hotel. Or you can always try Shikon, saw some excellent recent reviews. Might be a better choice, allow Saito to work out any initial kinks.

There is a phone number!

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I just called +(852) 3196-8230 from their new web site within the Four Seasons home page. Someone picked up and said his colleagues at the hotel is handling the reservations and asked me to leave my email address and provided a date range. I did. Let’s see. I am not sure if I want to pay Yoshitake prices, however, whether at Saito or at Shikon…

Looks like Ta-ke is closed per Openrice:

Yep, they closed in February in Cubus in Causewaybay and supposedly to reopen in Lee Garden 2 in March.

Unfortunately seems like they all adhere to a standard international pricing structure for high end Tokyo sushi bar exports… $350-$400 OTD.

They do have lunch though. Let’s see if they have a spot first. Worst case is I don’t go if the pricing is too high.

LOL, when you eat good Japanese, look at the price only after the meal :sweat_smile:, it will spoil your appetite if you do it before!


Maybe cheaper to schedule a stopover at Tokyo next time!

Especially when you can eat nearly 2 top sushi meals there with that same amount of price.

And another stopover at Kyoto for kaiseki.

The restaurant is set with two sushi counters, each seats a maximum 8 people per session.

Saito is fully booked while I was there. They are not even taking reservations until 4/30. Seems like before that its reserved for Four Seasons guests. They open on 3/27.

From them:

Lunch is served from 12:00nn – 1:30pm offering around 14 kinds of nigiri with soup for HK1480 +10% service charge per person. Dinner is served at 2 sessions from 6:00pm – 8:00pm and 8:15pm – 10:15pm respectively at HK$3,280 per head + 10% service charge, offering around 6 kinds of appetizers and 10 kinds of nigiri with soup. There may be adjustments based on the daily fresh-catch we receive from Tsukiji Market.

So I guess its slightly less expensive vs Shikon.

They replied me by FB, they will reopen at the end of March.
New address: Shop G01, Lee Garden Two, 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay

Somebody I know lives in Stanley, she recommends The Boathouse and Seafront. She never tried any Asian food around her home.