[Hong Kong] Private kitchens

I saw this list from CNN when doing some search on the restaurant Yin Yang, maybe interesting for anybody going to HK soon.

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More information on chef Margaret Xu - Yin Yang Coastal (Ting Kau Village, Tsuen Wan).


Looks like the dish Yellow Earth Chicken cooked in a terra cotta oven is the house speciality.
Chef Naomi Pomeroy from Portland said Xu’s chicken was the only chicken she would ever wanted to eat again.

Anybody has more information on this restaurant?

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The only one I have tried is Kea’s Kitchen. It was nice but I felt it was “polite thai” without the level of spice I enjoy. Lots of the others are pretty new and look great.

The spice level in HK is often a problem (apart from Sichuan). I remember a really good Thai opening - ChaChaWan serving Issan food - it started off really well but over the first few months the level of spice dropped off

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This is a problem in Hong Kong, most people don’t like very spicy food. So sooner or later food got tuned down, even Sichuan food.

Not sure I’ll be any use, but the only private kitchen that I’ve ever tried was at Tasting Court (fantastic place, check out sck’s review). I was going to try to see if I can grab a table at Ta’s Pantry but they required a large booking (basically the entire room) so I never got a chance.

Thanks for the listing though, more places I want to add to my eventual HK visit lol.

Yeah, looks like it’s for group celebration. I guess you can always email, maybe some nights they accept small groups.

Is it French cuisine? I see no description on Openrice.

Yeah was mostly based off French cuisine but some of their set menu seemed more of a fusion

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