[Hong Kong] New restaurant openings by veteran chefs

Paolo Monti, ex-Gaia, leaves his old place after 2 decades to start Ama Ristorante in Wanchai, whereas Peter Find has left the Ritz-Carlton HK after a decade to open a German restaurant, Heimat, at LKF Tower on Wyndham Street, Central.

Looks like I’m in a country that is considered hostile to Hong Kong, I’m blocked from the SCMP article. :roll_eyes:

That’s a pretty brave move though, given the covid policy in HK change every second without much consistency and the lack of tourists.

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Gosh! Where are you trying to access it from?

From France, I tried again, it’s working now, looks like it was a glitch. But certain newspaper in HK, I’m blocked from their cloudflare security.


To finish the meal there were no chocolates or petit fours, but a gummy bear trolley, as the brand Haribo is from Germany.

I want to see this :bear: trolley!


There have been so many new openings the last 12 months! Chef of l’envol opened Clarence, Vea’s Chef Vicky opened Wing, new Italian restaurant Estro, … Especially crazy is the Japanese and sushi space. Must have had new openings every month …


It’s gotten to be so competitive, you sometimes wonder how many will be left standing in a year’s time!

More choices for the consumer, though.

The new restaurants will all do well for some time but the rubber hits the road when travel is possible again. All the spending power are trapped in HK until then

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