[Hong Kong] Lunch at Fu Sing, Wanchai

Fu Sing has always been one of my perennial favourite dining spots in HK.

  1. “Char-siu” (Cantonese-style BBQ pork) - one of the best-tasting in town!

  1. Pork wantons and siu bak choy soup - very flavoursome broth.

  1. My favourite noodle dish in the world, with crabmeat and Hua Diao wine sauce. Never, ever miss this dish - it’s to-die for.

  1. Another old Cantonese favourite, but which we can never find back in Singapore: braised pomelo skin topped with shrimp roe. Exquisite!!

Address: Fu Sing Shark Fin Seafood Restaurant 富聲魚翅海鮮酒家, 1-3/F, Sunshine Plaza, 353 Lockhart Rd, Wan Chai, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2893 0881.


The bbq pork is indeed excellent! We liked the nice mix of lean and fattiness. What are the other versions you like in town?

It seemed to be somewhat quiet when we were there for dinner, so it didn’t quite reconcile with the good quality. Perhaps its because of the building its in.

Anyone recognizes the dish in the cover image here?

ETA: this is a dish served here that is beloved by Lau. I remember eating the leftover of this dish for breakfast at the hotel the next day without the distraction of the toddler and boy was it so gourmet for microwave breakfast.

The version at Dynasty restaurant, Renaissance Harvbour View HK was also pretty good!


This one looks like a different style- pretty lean in comparison. and not a whole bunch of sauce.

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Dug up pictures of prior meals at Fu Sing:

The same char siu


I did miss this dish in a recent trip. I asked about it but felt its probably a bit spendy since I was just by myself. Needed to have a whole crab so it worked out to be about $1000. I’d love to try that at another time with a bigger group though.

It is quite pricey - the portion’s meant for 4 persons (two, if you’re very hungry or have big appetites). But I love this dish so much, I actually loathed to share it with anyone. :joy::joy::joy:


That looked delicious, I like them on the fatty side.

That pomelo skins!

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Fancy dimsum lunch:

Swan shaped taro puff- its ok.

Walnut chicken little pie- its a bit on the sweet side.

Baked abalone roasted pork tart. I think the version without the abalone would be just fine.

Black sesame mochi. These were pretty nice.

Abalone siu mai. Abalone didn’t add much.

Almond pork lung soup. Outstanding. Fragrant, milky, mildly sweet. Will come here again just for this.

I think the fancified version of the dimsum were decent, but they weren’t necessarily better than the ordinary versions, but they were certainly more expensive!


Whoa, black swans. :blush::+1:

Quite some whole abalone dim sum. Do you have a photo of their dim sum menu? How do you think of their dim sum?

Lack of clients due to the political situation and high rent, Fu Sing Causeway Bay closed its door since September, unfortunately. The Wanchai branch continues.

I’ve heard 1/3 of the restaurants in Hong Kong would close down. Michelin has noted that 8 awarded restaurants on the guide book have closed down this year.



That is mighty sad. The unrest and dissatisfaction with the status quo runs much deeper than I would have surmised.

We are skipping our 2020 Hong Kong trip and spending CNY in Taiwan instead. Will be interesting to see how the Taiwan elections swing, and the effect on their increasingly frosty relationship with the PRC.

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Very nice to stay there for CNY! Don’t forget to post here.

I am so jealous!!! I want to eat all of these things. Wonderful pictures. Do they deliver to NJ?

Will do.

Almost didn’t have the foresight to plan in advance for a New Year dinner, and were fortunate to book at the MitsuiTaipei (Dunhua) location for CNY eve pretty much at the last second.


A client hosted us at this restaurant when we were mere newlyweds 15 years ago. Very good food with great presentation and service. Our hostess opened our eyes that Shizo (Perilla) leaf is not just a garnish, but is a great wrap as well. We started growing shizo plants for a few years thereafter, they grow like weeds.

As it turns out, this group developed the Addiction Aquatic Development, the large fish market I’d posted about previously.

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Same here, I’m doing away with my annual HK food trip this year and most probably next year as well. The first time we’re doing so in more than 3 decades.

I can understand the Hongkongers wanting to fight for democracy, but there is so much anger there nowadays. Not a place for a holiday at the moment.

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It was literally crickets on a Saturday night at SOGO in Da’an, when I was there in October. Stark contrast to my prior visit a couple years ago.

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