[Hong Kong] Kam's Roast Goose 甘牌燒鵝

DH loves to hang around in Wanchai because of the computer malls, he knows very well what’s good to eat in the neighbour better than me, like the egg tarts from Honolulu. He loves roast meat, and he told me about Kam’s and of course with it’s gigantic ad with the Michelin Star. We wanted to have dinner before we left, but they close quite early (I think around 9:30 pm), we returned the next day for lunch, our last day before we left Hong Kong.

If you know Yung Kee in Central, you know very well that the restaurant used to be very famous with their roast meat, especially their roast goose. Yung Kee belongs to the Kam family, after the founder, the father Kam Shui Fai passed away, the 2 sons fought to own the restaurant in the court, leading to the liquidation of the restaurant. Kam’s roast goose is founded by the 3rd generation of the elder son Kam Kwan Sing. 4 months after their opening, they obtained their 1 star Michelin. Note: Yung Kee nowadays has Bib Gourmand but no more stars.

They are selling around 80 - 100 geese each day.

We will like to try the small birds too, are they quails?

Look at that squid!

Kam’s roast goose - delicious, the meat was well proportioned with the right ratio and thin and fat meat. Husband usually likes duck more than goose, and he found it delicious

Fat farm roast pork Cha Siu- Originally we wanted to order suckling pig (since we had an average one in San Dao Kee a few days ago), unfortunately it was sold out. This cha siu turned out to be one of the best dish we ate on this trip. It was very fat, but the fat gave taste to this dish and it was heaven!

Mushroom vegetable noodle

Vegetable noodle

DH “sneaked” into the kitchen and took this photo. (Naa, he asked, but they found him amusing)

This meal was an exciting delight, we will return for sure!

Kam’s Roast Goose
G/F Po Wah Commercial Centre
226 Hennessy Rd
Wan Chai,
Hong Kong
Tel: 2520 1110
11:30am - 9:30pm


Things have gotten worse for Yung Kee actually - it’s dropped out of the Michelin Guide altogether in the 2017 edition. Here is the complete Bib Gourmand 2017 list for HK/Macao.


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Looks like Yung Kee is totally out of the game. A few years when it still got 1 star, we went for lunch, but didn’t find any dish exceptional already.

Well, they give preferential treatment to regulars by seating them in different floors and serving better food…

I don’t quite understand, now Yung Kee is liquidated, so who is operating the restaurant?

LOL I was eventually going to start a char siu thread. Looks like you have a contender here. We got some char siu from Joy Hing a few streets away, the one that is rather famous and visited by Anthony Bourdain, and I thought it was rather average. Its better than the average wet market char siu but its all lean, not like the one you have from Kam’s, which gets more flavor from the fat.

Xin Dau Ji average pig? That’s too bad. I remember Charles Yu’s raves on Chowhound. Which branch did you go to?

How were the noodles?

Please be aware that at Kam’s they sell 2 types of cha siu, the “normal” one with more lean meat and this fat version. Some very health conscious people mistakenly ordered the fat cha siu complained the dish was at least 50% fat and needed to be tossed away and was a rip off with the expensive price. We like them a lot, the meat was melting in the mouth and the taste charcoal roasting. We didn’t try the “normal” one.

Both noodles were fine, but not breathtaking.

2 years after and we revisited Kam’s Roast Goose again. We arrived around 1pm, waited for some 15-20 minutes to be seated with some 15 people seated before us.

BBQ Pork belly (Fat Char Siu)

Caramelised with honey, nicely roasted, but the honey taste was more pronounced than I remembered.

Some pieces were quite fat and soft and was delightful, while other leaner parts was a bit firm

Crispy roast pork - the crispy skin was firm, not bad at all

Roasted pork ribs

Goose blood pudding with chives

Prince kinsen noodle (with goose fat) - tasty with the fat

A coffee tea for me and a Tsang Tao beer for mister.

I must say I was slightly disappointed with the fat Char Siu which was warm last time and melting was okay but not as outstanding as 3 years ago. I liked the crispy pork this time more. Maybe over-anticipation.

Also noticed that compared to 3 years ago, the price of fatty char siu was
$10 more, but the portion was smaller. The place is still interesting, but this price you can find competition.

First was 2016 $150 and the second 2019 $160

It was our first meal, so let's see how other places flare... I have heard that inflation is up a lot since last year.
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