Hong Kong Fusion, Cherry Hill

We tried this because it was highly recommended on That Other Site. It was good, but I’m not convinced it is better for price-performance than Shanghai Bun (Matawan). It is certainly better decorated, and the service, etc., are more like a “real” restaurant. Mark also thought the soup dumplings were better than Shanghai Bun’s, though I did not. (Well, until the last visit to Shanghai Bun, when they were somewhat dried out–I hope that is only a one-off.) At any rate, Shanghai Bun gives you eight dumplings, served in the steamer; Hong Kong Fusion gives you five, each served in a Chinese soup spoon, and several with the skins already broken.

However, the Orange Beef at Hong Kong Fusion was *really" good, made with a sauce reduced from orange juice and without those rather ugly, curled-up, hard-as-rock orange peels that are all too common in this dish.

Overall, a nice restaurant for an occasional special meal out, but you have to pick and choose.

(Also, I think of “fusion” as two cuisines in a single dish, not a restaurant that just serves multiple cuisines, which seems to be the case here.)

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Credit: Juan Antonio Segal, Flickr