Hong Kong- Fish School

Anyone knows if Fish School has opened yet? Supposed to be early October.

A collaboration between restaurateur Yenn Wong and local chef David Lai. The project is a restaurant in Sai Ying Pun. "Serving up the freshest seafood primarily sourced from small, family-owned fishing boats, Fish School creates dishes which are carefully prepared with seasonal ingredients from nearby farms growing produce specifically for the restaurant.

Seems like an interesting concept to prepare seafood not necessarily in the traditionally cantonese way.


Stop this crap. We have enough schools for dogs and cats already. We don’t need any school for any fish. Beside, fish in a group is already in “school”. Stop it. Stop Fish School.

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I don’t understand a thing. It’s a restaurant, why they call it school?!
At first glance, I thought it was about training chefs to become specialised in cooking seafood…

In Hong Kong, there aren’t any fish anymore, they are imported. Very confusing!

Ha ha. Good one. All that said, we haven’t had the pleasure of bringing a fish to any of the Hong Kong restaurants that will do their best with a fish you bring to the restaurant, as opposed to pointing at from their tanks.

You can see the dishes here at the open rice website.

I’m looking at the HK Michelin Guide, Fish School is mentioned in the guide but no award (www.fishschool.hk), cuisine looks modern western. Curious to know if it’s good, anybody been there?