Hong Kong. Fall 2023

Good to be back in Hong Kong after 3 years. Locked in 13 hotel nights on Nathan Road in Tsim Sha Tsui. May take a day trip/overnighter to Macau and/or Shatin, we’ll see.

Short 4 hour hop from Singapore last night. Pouring rain, so we grabbed some beverages and bites from the supermarket across the street and settled into our lovely room for a restful evening.

1st order of the day. Breakfast at a random Cha Chaan Teng (HK style tea house) that looked promising.

Scrambled Egg and Corned Beef Sandwich for me. Eggs were PERFECT!!

Wife ordered a breakfast set: Scrambled Eggs, Pork Chop, Toast and Seaweed Noodle Soup.

Nai Cha (milk tea) for the both of us. Of course.

Thus fortified, off to wife’s favorite roastie place in Mong Kok for her must-have Squab.


Nice! :star_struck: The next two weeks I get to be transported back to my beloved HK…

Luckily (hopefully) your timing seems right. Just met someone yesterday flying in from HK who was there for 2 weeks, and he said he was practically forced to stay inside a hotel for over a week because of the floods and black rain.


That’s why I don’t go to that part of the world in the summer. My first time in Taiwan was in July. It was a sauna, literally! (But July only because one of us had to be there to solve complex problems using mathematics.)

My huge mount of shaved ice was reduced to a bowl of cold liquid with a few last bits of ice in a couple of minutes. The fresh, in-season durian was nice, though.

Only go to that region after monsoon and taiphoon season after that first Taiwan trip. Weather is much better in October and still hot enough.

My third time in Macau was a bit disappointing. Super crowded everywhere, hard to even walk on footpaths in the centre. I had a meal at Cheong Kei for old times’ sake. 4 things cost about US$15. Pretty sure prices have increased a bit more than back in 2006 and 2007, and portion is also probably smaller.

Also tried taking the bus to Macau for the first time. Wouldn’t do it again, though. The catamaran was more convenient for us (did that the other 2 times).

If you can’t bring back shrimp roe then you just have to eat them with noodles there, and more than just a couple of times.


Temperature hovering around a very comfortable 80°f mark. Nice walk up Nathan Road to stock up on some essentials.

The fruit market was in full swing. Gorgeous fruit abound.

picked up a bunch of Huge Grapes and a couple of dinner size Peaches.

Wife’s favorite Roastie place in Mong Kok, around Dundas St. and Canton Rd.

Picked up 3 Squab for her, some Siu Yuk (roast pork belly) for me. Too late for their fantastic Roast Suckling Pig. We’ll just have to keep coming back.

Some finger foods to nosh on while we plan for dinner. :slight_smile:


Hong Kongnese comfort food, that’s What’s for Dinner.

Faced with myriad options, from yakiniku to Korean to British gastropub. I realized that I really wanted just good old fashioned Cantonese down home food.

Wandered into a familiar back street and into a not so familiar local joint offering the basic favorites.

Won Ton Soup. Pay Dan (thousand year egg) Pork Jook. GaiLan Oyster Sauce. Braised Beef brisket.

Very satisfying first day back.


Mangosteens sure are a lot more economical than in the US.

Quality, variety and price very attractive here. This being Hong Kong’s main wholesale distribution, with a retail section housing 100+ (very vocal) venders.

Might be grape season in Asia. The size and pricing competitive to what we expect to pay in Japan.

Dragonfruit at Jason (upscale supermarket) was only ~ usd$2/ea.

We scored some dragonfruit from Cold Storage (Singapore supermarket) last week for usd$1.50/ea. Large (>1# each) with red meat. Seen similar recently in SF C-town for $9.99/lb!!!


This is at the Yau Ma Tei wholesale fruit market? Near Reclamation Str and Waterloo.

I was there during my trip earlier this year. Really nice market, and compared to HK standards very laid back atmosphere lol. OMG HK people can be so loud… I love it! :slight_smile:

Also a very nice area to just walk around. From there I wandered all the way down to the TST ferry pier, and had some tea at the Regent hotel.

Fruit-wise, yes HK is so much better than the west in price and quality. I don’t even buy Asian fruit here in Europe as it’s mostly disappointing. For the real deal, I prefer Thailand fruit over HK though.


Bingo!! 11 minute walk from Langham Place.

Scratching my head. Been to and by the market more than a dozen times, day and night. By some quirk, this is the first time I’ve ever seen the retail in full action. Quite impressive.

I’d also not considered HK as a fruit destination, still don’t. To me, HK is the land of superior seafood, poultry, dim sum, etc. Higher end fruit is an affordable luxury that I’m only beginning to appreciate.

When in Taiwan, gotta have mangoes, pineapple and guava. Japan, strawberries and grapes. Thailand, everything. :smile:


Ah fond memories of HK, my last hurrah after two years travelling around Asia. The cha chaan teng is the thing I miss the most. You can get good Cantonese food in London but nothing with classic cha chaan teng dishes, and certainly not at breakfast time. The closest in style we have is Cafe TPT, that has dishes like baked pork chop with fried rice Macao style , that I have not seen elsewhere. But none of your scrambled egg sandwiches or macaroni soups. A return visit visit definitely overdue.


Indeed!!! What an epic journey you had in Asia!!! You travelled for a year or so? You and @ZivBnd are my heroes. :clap:

Airfares to HKG and Mainland has been ridiculously high. Finally scored good award ticket redemption to HKG via SIN, jumped on it. It’s great to be back!


A year in India and then a year in E & SE Asia.


It amazes me that even Driscoll’s has made it to Hong Kong.


I love how they tell you twice.

Just in case you flunked fractions in grade school, I guess.


Lol :slight_smile:

Channeling the inner Hong Kong boy that I was, ate totally local today.

Lunch: Master Congee, Tsim Sha Tsui

Lemon Honey Iced Tea. Warm YouTiao, fresh fried. Pork Liver Jook. Chicken Shitake Jook. Pork Liver Cheung Fun & YouTiao wrapped with Dried Shrimp Fun.

Dinner: a No English Name diner somewhere in Mong Kok

THE quintessential Hong Kong brew. Blue Girl

Complimentary Soup of the Day. Unknown provenance,

Some much needed fibre, healthy plate of Gai choy. .

The reason we chose this restaurant over the many others we walked by.

Well worth the 20 minute wait. Lop Mei Bo Jai Fon, ClayPot Rice with cured Sausage/Meats. That perfect Rice Pot-sticker (soccarrat)!!!

Slab of Big Head Carp steamed with Pickled Mustard Greens.

Three simple dishes, meal COMPLETE.


Loving your pictures. Taking me right back. Must admit at 7:30 am on my way to work in a slightly grey London ( and no London is not perpetually like that, before anyone says anything ), feeling a little jealous. You have me craving some curry beef flank & rice right now.


Looks amazing. Makes me really miss it. Shame my last trip there got cancelled due to Covid. I really miss the dim sum, Wan Cai and the seafood market restaurants.


I love timelessly beautiful London even when it’s grey. Snapped this pic one morning as I was walking to office back in Nov 2011.