[Hong Kong] Evelyn's Garden 日熹樓 - Chinese official cuisine

This meal took place a few months ago in July. Evelyn’s Garden was a new restaurant, located in a commercial office building in Wanchai, it specialised in Chinese official cuisine 官府菜 (usually Beijing and Sichuan cooking), this type of cooking dated back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, when officials stationed in Beijing gradually formed their own unique style through the mixing of their personal chefs and various culinary styles, often referred to as private kitchens.

Shredded chicken with cold vermicelli and peanut sauce - 雞絲粉皮 - nice

Beef and Ox Tripe in Chili Sauce - 夫妻肺片

Beijing Spring Onion Pan Cake - 京式葱油餅 - quite good

Sichuan boiled black pork with numbing oil - 川辣水煑 - excellent

Chili oil was provided if you want extra heat. But I assure, it was pretty spicy, confirmed by my friend that loved spicy food

Spicy braised pork - 外婆红燒肉

Chashu Mushroom and Jade Sprouts with Premium Soup - 上湯茶樹菇伴翡翠苗

Beijing Style Beef Roll - 老北京牛肉卷餅 - Delicious and we ordered the same plate instantly

Crispy King Eel with Sweet and Spicy sauce - 京醬玉龍球

Pan fried steam bun (with juice inside) - 羅春閣爆汁生煎包

Beijing Style Pan Fried Egg Noodles - 北京雙面黃

The soup comes with noodles

I heartily recommend this place, most of the dishes were good and well cooked, especially if you like spicy food as most Sichuan dishes were tuned down in HK to adapt the local’s taste. The meal was $974 HKD (10% included) and we were 5. If you have 10 people, you can order the 100 dishes menu (tapas size) with a special price.

The entrance was a bit weird as it was located in an office building, but the security guard would tell you the right way to enter the restaurant. (A secret entrance for the restaurant that was separated from the offices.)

Evelyn’s Garden
4/F & 5/F, Kwan Chart Tower
6 Tonnochy Road
Wan Chai
Hong Kong
Reservation: +852 25111534