[Hong Kong] Dinner idea for Mongkok/ Yau Ma Tei, Jordan area, as well as thoughts about Kowloon eateries

Hi all,

We will likely find ourselves for one dinner in the Mongkok / Yau Ma Tei/ Jordan area. I need some non-fuzzy recommendations for Chinese places, ideally close to MTR or KCR stations. OK fuzzy is fine if the food is out-of-this-world good.

Some prelim ideas, though I am not particularly hot about any of them:

  • How’s Chan’s roasted goose or Chuen Cheung Kui near Cordis.
  • Fung Shing (though a bit far from MTR)
  • 6 Noodles in Jordan- but jeez the lines, and would prefer something besides noodles for dinner
  • Good Hope Noodles in Mongkok, same noodle rationale
  • Kai Kai in Jordan, not for dinner, but dessert if in the area

Thoughts? Language/ communication not an issue. Divey is fine.

Separately, separate question- does anyone have an opinion on Glorious Cuisine in Sham Shui Po?


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Right near Mong Kok Station is Chuen Moon Kee Restaurant I had some pretty good clay pot rice there. The pumpkin & pork rib was particularly good.






Thanks for the rec, how’s the soccarat?

If you like fermented bean curd and want to bring back home:
Liu Ma Kee 廖孖記腐乳皇 - Liu Ma Kee Building , 1 Min Street, Jordan, Kowloon

They sell a lot of other type of bottled sauces too.

Close to Austin MTR - B5 exit
Yau Yuen Siu Tsui 有緣小敍 - G/F, 36 Man Yuen Street, Jordan 佐敦文苑街36號地舖

Shanxi cuisine - Biang Biang noodle 肉夾饃 辣妹麵 餃子

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A bit delayed in replying but I’ve started a new job with a lot of online learning so have tried to stay away from the laptop, I had to look up soccarat but it was pretty good though I haven’t had that much claypot rice.

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