[Hong Kong] Dinner at Zhejiang Heen 浙江軒, Jiang Nan cuisine

Yesterday, we tried to find something unusual, than the usual Cantonese or Shanghainese cooking. We tried Jiang Nan cooking in Zhejiang Heen in Lockhart Road, Wanchai. The restaurant is awarded 1 star Michelin since 2014.

Due to a stupid mistake, I erased all the photos I shot yesterday. We were not very hungry that evening, so we ordered moderately.

Jinhua pork feet 金華豬手 (drunk pork hand) - the feet were served with the Chinese rice wine, pretty good.

(photo source: openrice)

Dan Dan noodle

(photo source: Zhe Jiang Heen)

Crispy rice wrapping minced chicken with pine nuts - ours was in a sesame flour pocket, instead of the rice wrapping shown in the photo.

(photo source: Open rice)

Salty rice and Jinhua ham in a claypot rice - we could finish the meal, and we will going out.

We quite enjoyed our meal and will return for the steam fish or tea smoked duck. The total was 513 HKD. We didn’t make reservation, but I guess because it was a Monday night.

Shejiang Heen
Floor 1-3, Kiu Fu Commercial Building,
300-306 Lockhart Road,
Wanchai, Hong Kong

Tel: (852) 2877 9011



Thanks for the report. How is their steamed fish prep like?

Last year we almost made a reservation at ZJH (I haven’t been), but didn’t after a few consecutive pricey meals in a row, despite hearing good things about them. So, in a way, hearing that you only ‘quite enjoyed your meal’ is a bit of a letdown since the comments were that they are one of the better Jiangnan joints in town.

If you eat at one of those Jiangnan/ Shanghai fraternity associations with restaurants, would love to know how they compare.

No, our meal was good! I used the word ‘quite’ because I have a feeling that we ordered some side or smaller dishes and didn’t test out their more important dishes, like steamed fish or smoked bird. Problem was we were only 2 and it’s the type of places that would be ideal if you go with a bigger group of at least 6. The rice was around $55HKD, and was fitted for at least 3 or 4 persons. We had to ask for a doggy bag. The same price of noodle at Tasty or Ah Hung we ate days ago was only for 1 person!

Originally we had ordered Xiao Long Bao, but it didn’t arrived (the waitress forgot to order it), and we were glad, as we had already ordered too much food. I recommend the place but remember to reserve before going.

Actually this place was an association of faterniy of Zhejiang before changing name, I read the chef has a great CV in working in macro polo hotel.

I was hesitating between going to Zhejiang Heen and Jardin de Jade in Sun Hung Kai centre in Wanchai. I eventually settled with ZH has a higher rating in Open Rice and it was easier to go as they were in Lockhart Road. It will be nice to see a report on JDJ.

Now that you brought it up, I remember now.

Lockhart Road is easier to get in? I thought where SHK centre is by Gloucester Road, only the office crowd would visit.

Yes, and it was located inside a small commercial office building, the restaurants occupied 3 floors but you could still see the traces that there used to be several flats that now were opened into bigger space. The layout was a bit awkward when the kitchen trolley was needed to transport in an elevator to go to the dining rooms in the lower floors .

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Making noodles. Phongdien Town, Cantho City, Southern Vietnam.
Credit: CiaoHo