[Hong Kong] Dinner at Rōnin, On Wo Lane

Fronted by talented chef, Canadian Matt Abergel, Ronin offers fusion Japanese-Korean izakaya-style cuisine. Ronin’s nondescript entrance - see the brown handle on the black doorway?

Long bar counter seating:

  1. Kumamoto oysters, apple and ginger juice.

  1. Uni, Fresh Nori, Aonori Panko.

  1. Tai Seabream, Kampachi Amberjack, Horse Mackerel, Yellowtail.

  1. Sanma Tartare, Myoga, Spring Onions, Chips.

  1. Flower Crab, Uni and Mitsuba.

  1. Lily Bulb Tempura, Tensu.

  1. Grilled Itoyori, Olives-Tomato.

  1. North Korean baby crabs.

  1. Quail, orange, sansho. For me - this is the dish of the evening: juicy quail meat, complemented perfectly by the orange peel-marinade:

  1. Kagoshima Beef, Maitake, Eggyolk.

  1. Udon, Clams, Garlic Leek.

  1. North Korean Hokkigai (Surf Clam)

The chef himself: Canadian Matt Abergel. He’s got Moroccan heritage, but which he does not refer to for his cuisine/cooking techniques:

Address: Ronin, 8 On Wo Ln, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2547 5263.

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Do you eat the whole thing, shells and all?

Since you specifically mentioned that he doesn’t refer to his Moroccan heritage. any reason why?

  • Yes, we did - the crabs were crunchy and packed quite a bit of flavour.

  • I did ask him, in fact, as I love Moroccan cuisine with a passion. He didn’t explain why, he just said that he wanted to do something “different” from his heritage.

Maybe someone should convince him to go back to his heritage given how seemingly well Yardbird and now Ronin is doing foodwise.

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One of my friends actually brought Ferran Adria here (in Oct 2015), and the Catalonian maestro said he loved the food.

We ate there in 2013, I liked the food too, a lot of different pickles or fruits in wine if I remembered well, the chef like fermentation!

I try to see if I can find the photos.

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