Hong Kong Cuisine History books?

A slight passion of history of HK cuisine, I was wondering if anyone has some good English books?

Currently some interesting (if not a little short) things that I have are these two books:

The author calls it the Hong Kong Delicacies series, as of right now I think there are only 2. There’s a few glaring typos in English, but the neat part of these two books is that its duo-language with Chinese first and English following.

I’m hoping to find an English translation of this in the upcoming future as they seemed to just release the Chinese version a few months ago:

Edit: On further review, maybe this topic is better under Culture, Media, General?

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We have a cookbook section in cooking discussions, but at times cookbooks end up in culture and media. Depending you want what type of visibility you are searching. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well they’re not really cookbooks as the first two don’t really have recipes per se more history like how siu mai were from the northern areas and such and then morphed to the incantations that we see.

Thanks for the recommendation: Vanishing Flavours of Cantonese Cuisine. Looks interesting.

I have a few Chinese books on that subject, Criag Au Yeung’s Hong Kong Wei Dao series (4 books) talk about Hong Kong street food, snacks to historical local dishes. It seems they have a second edition last year. Mine is the first edition, the restaurant information references are a bit old, some places do not exist any more.

There is this document on Hong Kong Food Culture from HK heritage museum that you may find useful.

Thanks for the info on the HK Wei Dao series! I wonder if I can find them at any of the local book stores (at probably outrageous markups…).

The HK delicacy dim sum book I grabbed in Vancouver was more than 2x the HKD value -_-

Good links as well!

Always fun reading about the history and seeing it happen across the world at how some of those items are still around cause the local restaurants never really updated.

Actually, I saw 2 of them available in amazon.

If not you can try to buy the set of 4 from the online bookstore in HK and have it shipped to US.


Oh wow, price isn’t too bad. Maybe I can get someone to buy it and bring it over as well.

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