[Hong Kong] Casual Cantonese dining at Chee Kei, Tsimshatsui.

Chee Kei (池記) is one of the many Cantonese noodle & congee chain of eateries one finds all over Hong Kong. This is very competitive, survival-of-the-fittest, market, so the fact that Chee Kei has been around for over two decades attest to its ability to give local HK diners what they want.

I had a quick meal here at the Lock Road, Tsimshatsui, branch one evening with an ex-colleague who worked nearby in Harbour City. There’s a perpetual queue (longer during peak meal-times) for a table in its cramped dining premises.

  1. Started off with very light, crisp-fried wantons recommended by our waitress.

  1. Egg noodles topped with salted shrimp roe:

  1. Crab congee - one of the weekly specials. Okay-tasting.

  1. Blanched “gai lan” vegetables with oyster sauce dip.

Address: Chee Kee (Tsim Sha Tsui branch), 52 Lock Rd, Hong Kong. Tel: +852 2368 2528.

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I don’t know if I am remembering another unrelated Chee Kei, though the one that I remember, from some 20 years ago, was pretty hole-in-the-wall. If they are related they certainly have upgraded their decor significantly.

It’s probably the same one - but the hole-in-the-wall has metamorphosized into a Hobbit hole.

From what they said on their website said, they were there since 1994…this matched your timeframe.

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