[Hong Kong] Aberdeen Yau Kee Noodles Factory 香港仔有記粉面廠


Quite possibly the most expensive dry noodles I’ve bought. I got some dried shrimp roe noodle and brought it back to the US. It came in a bag of 6 rolls of noodles. The bag was about I think HK$60. Memory was a bit hazy since its a few months back.

I boiled them in unsalted, unseasoned, plain tap water. The result? The noodle itself was springy, al dente with a great shrimpy taste. The water was infused with all the flavors run off from the noodles into the water to form a delicious seafood broth, without me adding any soy sauce, fish sauce, salt, etc. Its rare to get noodles that has enough flavors to season the water itself. Almost always, I have to season the water (unless I cook with stock) to impart flavor to the noodles.

Highly recommended. They got retail storefronts around Hong Kong. I got mine from Wanchai near the Bowrington Road wet market, and Times Square in Causeway Bay.

Retail locations:


Also came across Kang Kee while walking around Wanchai. I heard it got a good reputation. Anybody tried?