Honest menu in Montreal

Posting this here as it seems to be the most appropriate board:

Saw this on CBS This Morning. A Chinese restaurant in Montreal includes comments from the owner on the menu. Some are brutally honest.



Love it - thanks for posting. I wish this was a more common practice.

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Reminds me of an estate agent in London, years back, which used to be brutally honest about the properties it was selling. Their advert was often the first page I would turn to in my Sunday newspaper.

As for these wonderful comments I think my favourite has to be “I don’t know why peanut chicken is liked by a lot of customers”.


My favorite: Hot and sour soup

Owner’s words:
Spicy and tasty, no meat, drink slowly to avoid hiccups.

Refreshingly honest advertising! Loved it!

It’s a time-saver for the servers, since they won’t have to answer any “what’s good” questions. Here, read the menu.

Surely, the answer to the “what’s good” question is always whatever the chef over-ordered on and has to be got rid of that day. Or whatever has the highest profit margin.

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Funny and sweet


If I ever had a restaurant (as if!) … it would have to be named as this owner said: To avoid incidents like this, no more sticks. :grinning:

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