Homestyle egg drop soup [Greater Boston area, MA]

Having a serious craving for what was once so easy: Shangri-la in Belmont had the BEST homestyle egg drop soup: A big bowl of rich clear broth, cellophane noodles, greens, and a sort of “egg foo yung” type omelet.

Shangri-la is now lamentably closed. Does anyone know of another place that has this type of soup? It’s hard to tell from the menu descriptions on restaurant websites.


I’d love to know the answer too! Loved that soup at Shangri-La!

5 Spices in Central Square has a passable version (“pan-fried egg with tomato”), although not as good as Shangri-La’s, and I tend to remove the tomato. Sichuan Cuisine in Watertown also has a version (“tomato egg drop”), but not as good as 5 Spices.


I just remembered that @passing_thru has had the 5 Spices version and was not altogether sold on it. See his post (and my response immediately following):


I did like the soup broth, i just thought the eggs were a little over browned the time I got it and the standard tomatoes in it were kind of flavorless. But not at all a bad 9 buck bowl of soup in general!

Thank you! I’ll be there soon to give it a try! oh wait–passable?


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I thought it better than “passable” – but I have not had it in a while.

I rectified my omission in not having had the 5 Spices version “in a while” by having it today. The broth was very tasty and close to Shangri-La standards (if my taste memory serves me right), as were the floating omelette and greens. The tomatoes are, as I’ve said, discardable. What I didn’t remember is that this version lacks the cellophane noodles and the plump reconstituted shiitake mushrooms that made the Shangri-La soup such a joy to hunt through. (Plus there was the drama of having it served tableside, with precise amounts of egg, mushroom, noodles, greens and broth ladled into each individual bowl.)

If I do it again, I’ll soak some noodles and dried shiitakes beforehand, throw away the tomatoes, heat the soup in a pot, add the noodles and mushrooms, then attempt to ladle Shangri-La style.