Homestead, Oakland

A few friends had commented on their good meals at Homestead, so we tried it out for our date night this week. Our meal was really good, and I am already looking forward to returning.

Baby kale salad recommended by our waitress was an excellent version, I almost never order it so I haven’t overdosed on it. Walnuts and pears were perfect.

Then came two perfect courses, clams in dashi broth and smoked duck with mostarda and arugula. The clams were large (2.5+ inches in diameter), plump, and cooked perfectly. So many times at other places the meat is shriveled like a raisin, not the case here. The duck was a classic combo executed perfectly. Salty, sweet, with a bite of bitter and pepper from the greens. We had to order a second order.

The snapper was also perfectly cooked, and delicious, though not as mindblowing as the previous two courses.

For dessert, the pumpkin French toast was outstanding, top 5 restaurant desserts I’ve had this year. It was spongy, moist, and the spices and sour berry were all perfect. The caramel mousse Napoleon was too sweet for me though, the one item I didn’t enjoy.

Homestead doesn’t receive much publicity, but I got the feeling they have a fair number of returning customers, including the two ladies seated next to us. We happened to be in the neighborhood to next day during lunchtime, and picked up lunch boxes for $14. Enjoyed it very much and the donut they tossed in was excellent, more details in the donut thread.

Thanks for the review. Homestead of our favorite “nice” neighborhood restaurant. The food is well-prepared California cuisine, with fairly pretty plating for a restaurant of that price point. The owner is pretty nice too.

I like to come in the morning as well - just counter service, but the donuts and toast (especially with the wonderful mushroom pate) are really nice.