HOMEMADE PIZZA - Winter 2024 (Jan-Mar) Dish of the Quarter

Tried and failed on a difaras square, dough was over fermented and the cheese blend a little off. Still, a very good pizza and easy to make.


Made pizza for a party today, but forgot to take pics until after it was cut. A few white pies and one with tomato sauce, pepperoni and green olives. Dough was levain-risen, 63% hydration, 3 day fridge ferment. Baked at 585 convection (big thanks to whoever gave me the tip on adjusting my oven temp - the extra 35 degrees was helpful!) on my cast iron “steel” for 8 minutes. Crappy pics, delicious pizza.


Gorgeous bake, Is that cheddar cheese? We love a cheddar and mozz mix or 100 per cent cheddar

No, cheese was a blend of mozz, fontine and provolone. I think the orange-y color is tomato sauce/pepperoni grease leaking through in combination with poor lighting and photography skills, LOL!

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Thanks, and you got a really nice cup on the pepperoni, which brand did you use? I like hormel rosa grande.

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I buy the Boar’s Head natural casing sticks, and slice thinly by hand (I like a little unevenness!). I don’t think I’ve ever seen Rosa Grande, but I’ll keep an eye out for it going forward.



That Bottom looks great!

Curious if anyone here has tried this new-ish brand of Jersey tomatoes, now available at TJs — First Field.

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We had homemade pizza night after a while last weekend.

All the dough makers were too busy doing other things to remember to make dough, so we made do with Wolfgang puck fresh dough from the store, and it was actually pretty good.

Strained Pomi for sauce, and fresh mozzarella drained on paper towels for a bit to eliminate sog factor.

Baked on a steel in a screaming hot indoor oven. (Of 10 individual pies, only the 2 younger siblings’ pies were “extra charred” — highly suspicious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:.)

Mine was topped with onion, mushroom, fresh mozzarella, diced kielbasa, and prosciutto (after cooking). (And specially shaped in a pide oval by sibling because I once made him lahmacun :rofl:.)

Very tasty.


Heres mine tonight. Two pizzas .


Gorgeous pies!

313 made in our terrible Floridian oven. The char on the pepperoni was not intentional but turned out to be a feature rather than a bug.