Homemade Ice Cream and Ice Pops

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Strawberry sherbet, lemon curd, and cheesecake pieces.

This is probably my favorite strawberry ice cream yet. Really it’s more like a low fat ice cream than sherbet because I added a bunch of milk solids.
I tore down Dana Cree’s formula which was crazy high in sugar. I knew with strawberry in there I’d need to have more sugar, but I wasn’t sure how much. So I started with a formula that left me at around 15%. Upon tasting it I realized it just wasn’t sweet enough, so added to taste. I ended up adding about 50 grams more. In the end somewhere around 18% relative sweetness and somewhat higher than that in sugar was just right.

I used a bit of extra locust bean gum for this one to prevent ice crystal formation so instead of .8 g I used 1 gram.

This ice cream has a high PAC, so it’s scoopable straight from the freezer.
The add-ins are really delicious, but I think I need to use a cheesecake with mostly cream cheese and only a little dairy like a NY cheesecake, as I think it might freeze softer than this one. This one contains a fairly high amount of sour cream. Perhaps a bit more sugar, too, though I’m perfectly satisfied with the sweetness here. I might use Dana Cree’s recipe next time.
For the cheesecake I made a tiny 4-inch cheesecake with 4 oz of cream cheese and a single yolk.


I tried out Jeni Britton Bauer’s milkiest chocolate ice cream to use up some leftover sacher sponge cake I had in the freezer. I also decided to try out Dana Cree’s peanut butter ripple.

I don’t care for plain dark chocolate ice cream and never have, though a couple of times in my life I’ve come upon one I enjoyed. I rather like milk chocolate ice cream, particularly milk chocolate and Guinness stout ice cream, but finding stout here hasn’t happened. And well, I appreciated that this ice cream uses cocoa powder, which I have plenty of, and only a little chocolate.
I mostly left it the same except substituting some dextrose for sucrose to make the ice cream softer, and doubling the salt. Note that this recipe should call for 1.25 cups of cream, not 1/4 cup.

Ice cream is fine, but without the bits of sacher sponge to add interest I wouldn’t want to eat it. :joy:

As for the ripple, it calls for coconut oil, for which I used refined. The thing is I’ve never managed to come upon a refined coconut oil that still didn’t taste like coconut to me, in spite of all the claims to the contrary from everyone, and here it was alarmingly noticeable to me. I froze a little of the ripple to see if once frozen it would fade, and it did, but I still tasted coconut and also just found it kind of unpleasant. Incorporated into the chocolate ice cream it tasted like peanut butter and improved the ice cream. I’d be concerned about using this ripple with a milder flavor like vanilla because I’m not sure the coconut flavor wouldn’t come through.

I have cocoa butter and I wonder if I shouldn’t try using it instead of coconut oil in something like this. The melting point is higher for cocoa butter, but I’ve seen people use it for chocolate shell instead of coconut oil, so I think it would be fine in terms of dissolving once eaten.

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Just got my first today. I love pistachio ice cream. This is fabulous.

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I’ll have to look for that. Is it closer to buttery, fairly subtle Haagen Daaz or more akin to traditional almondy-pistachio ice cream in vibrant artificial green? (I actually like the latter :laughing:)

It has salt. Not vibrant green at all; no big pistachio pieces either.

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Just dipped into some lemon verbena ice cream I made on 10.26. It was stored in a thick plastic Rubbermaid container with parchment paper pressed onto the surface of the ice cream. To my taste, you can’t tell it’s four months old.

Nice to have a little remembrance of summer :slight_smile:


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