Homemade Ice Cream and Ice Pops

I made this

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peppermint stick ice cream.

I made these cookies and made ice cream sandwiches. They were delicious.


Because it’s the season, David Lebovitz’s pumpkin ice cream. This is an egg-based custard. I used a roasted and pureed sugar pumpkin from our garden, and a local Woodinville bourbon for the boozy element.

I prefer to strain this one twice (the second time after blending), but I can see from the photo in his blog post that he forgoes a second strain and leaves in the little chunks of pumpkin and black pepper.


I just taste-tested some of the ice creams I made and froze in late summer. They tend to get gummy with extended storage, and I was curious how they’re faring.

Peach sorbet - as expected. The color doesn’t turn, but the flavor skews the tiniest bit oxidized. Not gummy after storage, but then the sorbet in general isn’t as creamy as the heavier custard-based ice creams. I make this flavor because my Mom likes it so much, and last year we ate some homemade peach that had been hidden in the freezer for very many months, and she swore she couldn’t tell the difference.

Strawberry - fine. A little gummy on the surface, but still bright and fresh flavor and excellent texture.

DL’s chocolate sorbet - hmmm. I saved it til last to sample since it’s such a strongly-flavored item compared to the fruit ice creams, so maybe my palate was off… I might require more extensive testing :slight_smile: