Home Taste Arlington Heights MA

Let me know if anyone is going here for lunch. I really like the food but I don’t like eating staring at the wall, and that’s what happens if you are a single diner.

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Most of us only eat dinner. :smiley:

Hey Ferrari. I really want to try this place next time I’m working from home. (Usually work downtown and go to Gene’s.) Not sure when that will happen, but will give you a heads up.

OK! Looking forward to it.

I’m trying to catch up on everything since we’ve been away for the last couple of weeks. I’d be in on that, too if I’m around. @Alcachofa @Ferrari328


Hey, all- resurrecting this thread. These days, our entire week revolves around planning and executing a weekend takeout order. Normally this time of year, I’d be obsessing over Thanksgiving planning. Alas. Having exhausted ourselves on Thai and Wang’s Chinese the past few weeks, we’re thinking of heading to Home Taste. I has also promised the sprouts Cookie Time, but based on their website they’re not open Sundays. You never know these days. Anyone done takeout from Home Taste since the start of the pandemic? Any tips or updates? We’d done some upscale takeout recently as well for birthday dinners (Little Donkey, Sarma) and I’m sort of over tiny plates of food with huge amounts of packaging that are cold by the time you get home. We’re 20 mins from Home Taste- will it travel well? And any dessert suggestions between Arlington Heights and Davis/Porter?


We have done delivery from the Watertown restaurant a few times and it works well and food has the same quality as pre-Covid


I’ve gotten takeout from the Watertown location. The staff is friendly and the food is delicious.


Rats. Just seeing this now. I’ve been lurking lately. Just too busy with other less fun stuff. Hope you cobbled together a good meal. It’s been a while since we’ve gotten HT but the hand-pulled noodle dishes have always been reliable. Szechuan’s Dumpling has been good, too.

Chinese restaurants need our support. I think they’ve taken a huge hit, even more than non-Chinese joints. Mom and dad are coming tomorrow. We’re definitely planning on a meal from SD when we’ve gotten tired of traditional T-Day food.


Had a good meal from Home Taste! We ended up trying the Watertown location as they’re about equidistant for us. We basically ordered one of just about each noodle dish, and one of each Chinese burger, plus some dumplings. The noodles that were in more of a broth (maybe the same dish as the D9 photo above with minced pork and peanuts?) traveled a bit better. The garlic chili oil one with bok choy was pretty much a solid mass by the time we ate it, but it was still flavor-wise my favorite. It was a tremendous amount of food for the price, and we happily reheated and ate noodles for 2 additional lunches.

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