Home made roadside BBQ at Tony's Tire & Auto Center, Freehold NJ

Sup HOs! After a long forever of no new exciting new foods in NJ, I got this epic treat at a friend’s party this weekend. Apparently someone is selling home made BBQ in the lot of a tire shop in Freehold. The ribs were awesome, and supposedly they have other things like brisket and pulled pork as well. Maybe the tastiest ribs I’ve had in NJ in a looooong time. Well worth a trip if you’re looking for some tasty BBQ action.

I have not been there myself, only tasted their ribs so I would love to hear some feedback from you hos!!


So this is an exciting development. Do you know where exactly this place is so we can check it out? Or what it’s called!!??


All I know is that they set up shop in the parking lot of the tire shop on weekends… @seal? Wanna make a run for us? :smiley:


837 Rt 33 Business
Freehold, NJ 07728

(732) 780-2559



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I sure do lol.

But, with the Jewish New Year starting this weekend, it may have to wait :frowning_face:

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