Home made ice cream

Some 15 or so years ago we lucked onto a Simac ice cream maker at a garage sale. Orig just under $500, garage sale price, including box and recipe booklet, $35.
Going to be hot today, and I still have a handful of Elberta peaches.
Now curing in the freezer until later. But not too much later…


Color me green with envy! Fresh peach ice cream is my favorite, but unfortunately it’s been years since I’ve had any. I do have a small machine with an ice insert, doesn’t work too badly. Hope to make peach ice cream happen before August is over. Thanks for the inspiration!

That was an amazing garage sale find!

I am embarrassed to say that I do have an ice cream attachment for my stand mixer. In the probably 10 years since I’ve had it I’ve never had room in the freezer for it…I like to think I am a slimmer version of me because of it!

At home, we use Donvier(s). I tend to collect them! Again at garage sales, it seems people buy them or are given them and don’t keep them. I’ve paid from 50cents to a couple of dollars for the quart size. They work a charm BUT the insert needs to be in the freezer for at least 48-72 hours. Two quart size inserts LIVE in our freezer. I just set smaller things in them to maximize space. if they are cold enough, they really make extraordinary ice cream and sorbets. Their reach far exceeds my imagination.

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Wow that was a FIND!

No ice cream maker here, not space for one, nor the desire for the temptation of anytime ice cream, lol. But last summer I experimented with no-churn frozen treats - granitas, condensed milk bases, even a cream and cornstarch base turned out well. My favorite experiment was cardamom coffee - yummmmmm.