Holidays in Rome

Always a Frequently Asked Question, where to eat in Rome during the holidays, which is believe me, a wonderful time to be there though a little fraught duee to holiday closings. Here is Katie Parla’s Annual List for 2022-23 which should help!


I had New Year’s Eve dinner last year at Retrobottega. This was in the middle of things just opening up during the omicron surge.

Anyway, I was solo, and had the dinner with three couples (each from different countries) at one of the big high top tables in the restaurant. It was such fun; food and wine very good (set menu not always my thing, but most of the courses were very good).

Midnight struck while dessert (and champagne) was being served. There was a feeling among patrons and staff of a huge joy around celebrating just being out and together after so long tucked away.

After the champagne toast, the staff members invited us through a back way to the restaurant’s wine bar where the celebrations continued into the early morning hours.

We spilled out onto the street, and eventually I walked home in the bracing air, and I didn’t even get lost! A memorable evening for me, as the pandemic was passing, and it felt great to be alive. I didn’t find that the places I wanted to go to and eat at were closed when I was there over there for NYE '22.


Antico Forno Rosciolli is very good.
Santo Palato and Retrobottega are excellent, Tavernaccia da Bruno as well.
I loved Cesare al Casaletto, but it’s a little far from central area.
Pizzarium is delicious.