Holiday Treats 2022

NY Times article on panettone:


Thank you! They went over well at work!

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IT is very easy… I let the dough rest for a few hours.


I looked at the recipe again when I got home last night and I KNOW I’m making this - perhaps on Saturday afternoon. I think they’ll go nicely with the Lemon Posset I plan to make for dessert for Christmas dinner.

How are you storing them - in an airtight tin?


I’ve never had a panettone as good as a chocolate babka such as Zabars, Russ and Daughters, spots out here in la you probably haven’t heard of, etc. You may say they are different, and they are, but they are also sorta similar in my experience. Less chocolatey.

Panettone seem wicked overpriced as a rule too. But go on with the gold rush and enjoy what you like.

is there a panettone that might change my mind?

Stay tuned for fruitcakes at 11.


So, i don’t like orange rind, peel or orange flavour in cakes and breads. I’ve been been buying various non-traditional panettones, such as Amarena Cherry, instead of the candied fruit and raisin version. My favourite brand I would repurchase is Loison. I haven’t tried the Vergani gluten-free panettone I sent a celiac friend, or the fig/walnut Antica Sicilia panettone I gave my godparents. I tried several local Toronto-made fancy bakery panettones a few years ago (Forno Cultura and Blackbird Baking Co) and their panettone wasn’t as good as the Loison.

I saw Roy’s panettone available at a kitchen shop - which I haven’t tried -but didn’t bother buying it because I want to buy some other non-panettone baked goods this week.

I have tried a several chocolate babkas (Breads Bakery, Zabar’s, a place in LondonOn called Noisette, Lev’s in Toronto) as well as related kokash (the bakery closed, it was called Pino Bakery in Toronto). For whatever reason, babka doesn’t get devoured at our house the way Greek Easter bread, cinnamon rolls or sticky buns might.

Panettone, stollen and fruitcake also don’t move that quickly but I usually buy at least one of each every year.

The plum pudding made by a friend , with whisky sauce or rum butter, is gone in 2 1/2 days.

I made 2 fruitcakes last year. My favourite purchased fruitcake is made at Toque et Tablier in Quebec. I bought a Grant’s deluxe fruitcake with pecans at FarmBoy in London, Ontario, and it tasted like the Collins St fruitcake from San Antonio that came in a tin. Very sweet and full of candied fruit.

I like Caribbean black cake but I won’t bother making one this year.


Nice! we had a chocolate panettone over thanksgiving. I guess id go for that over the candied fruit/raison versions. Why are these things so damn expensive?

whiskey sauce and rum butter - very nice!

reminds me, a nice rum cake can be tasty this time of the year too.

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This article is fascinating!

I bought a 6 pack of gingerbread Swiss rolls, with a very sweet dense icing/pastry cream as the filling , and I’ve already eaten 3 over the past 12 h. :rofl: They’re trashy-delicious, like a TastyKake or HostessCupcake.


I get it!

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A nutella star bread from Baking for the Holidays by Sara Kieffer. Also a sprinkle cake from same book but my son has not sent me picture yet. My daughter and family were suppose to come this week because older grandson is doing a final lifegaurd course. Well my younger grandson

is sick. My husband isnt well so we dont want any germs around. Im meeting her half way tomorrow(2 1/2hrs) up north from gta to deliver gifts but more than that i want to see her.


When I was growing up, my great-grandfather sent his grandchildren and their families a Collin Street fruitcake every year (a complete contrast with my mother’s homemade, using dried rather than candied fruit and bathed in Myers’s dark rum). Those tins had a decades-long long life in cookie storage.


The Winter Solstice isn’t until tomorrow, but I baked the shortbread today anyway.

Because I like it grainy, I used Melissa Clark’s recipe, subbing 20% rice flour for AP. For the same reason, I kept the granulated sugar. I used European-style butter from the grocery.


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We received one from a Texan living in Berkeley then Oakland for years and years. I remember the tin.

I’m about to bake an M & M cookie that uses butter and shortening. The recipe was in the local paper which has a reputation for good recipes. We will see if they make the handout Christmas cookie this year. Its been a few years.


I covet that pan!


Wow what pan is this. First time seeing it. Beautiful



It’s Nordic Ware. It makes for a very generous piece of shortbread. Melissa Clark claims her recipe makes 24 servings. Well…I get 8 with this pan. :yum:


You haven’t had a Golden Grand Marnier Cake from The Cake Bible! I’ve made it dozens of times because I like it so much. Here’s a picture of one I made not too long ago.